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Are You "Quiet-Quitting" On Your Own Notary Business?

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I looked up “Quiet Quitting” to find out what, exactly, it means. Several websites later, I’m still not sure. News outlets, bloggers, and influencers, seem to use it how they want and make it mean what they need.  It looks like a cross between those employees looking to establish a better work-life balance and those who just simply don’t want to work in their position anymore. 

The essence of quiet quitting is to do the bare minimum within the job description, so you’re not working too hard and have time to enjoy life, or work on your own thing. 

I can maybe get behind that in many cases. Why burn yourself out building someone else’s dream? Conserve some energy for hobbies, family, and yes, even building your own dream, right? 

But, I am also a huge proponent of taking 100% responsibility for your life and your results. If you’re not happy there, make a plan to leave. If your...

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Advice for Authors: Five Tips for Notary Entrepreneurs

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As of this moment, I am the self-published author of three best selling books in the micro niche industry of the Notary Public, and I am working on the fourth with my esteemed colleague, Laura Biewer (The Notary & Motivation G.O.A.T.). 

Once I published my first book, Sign & Thrive: How to Make Six Figures as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent, my life, and business, changed forever. It has sold over 30,000 copies (and rising). Here’s what that first book did for me:

First, I checked something pretty major off my bucket list. I had dreamed of writing and publishing a book since I was six years old. Actually doing it was a priceless contribution to my own esteem and confidence level. 

Second, having a book that I wrote and published gave me something to talk about, leave behind after meetings, and kick down doors that otherwise would have remained sealed. When done correctly, a book can add credibility to...

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Hello…1876 Called and Wants Its Phone Greeting Back

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I’m sure it was quite the hullabaloo back in the day as Thomas Edison and Alexander Bell argued the best way to answer the newly invented telephone. To think we were just one creative ad campaign away from answering the phone as, “Ahoy!”, a nautical term Bell petitioned for. 

Alas, “Hello?” won the day and Thomas Edison had yet another big win to brag about. 

For 150 years people have been answering the phone the same way. 

Might it be time for a change? I think so. Especially for business owners like you and me. I am surprised at the number of notaries we call for jobs that still answer the phone with a simple hello. Nevermind that they’re using a greeting that has celebrated its centennial, but when I hear it I immediately wonder if I’ve dialed the right number. 

  • Did I just call a professional business? 
  • Can this person actually help me? 

I’d rather hear a...

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You're Not the Boss of Me

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2022

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"This is it" was the message from a seminar I once attended that helped me (gradually) realize that "someday" doesn't exist. If it was going to be, it was up to 

Some other singular concepts that emerged from conferences & conversations: 

  • I can be angry at my father because he doesn't live up to my expectations, or I can love him the way he is and appreciate him for the gifts he does bring to my life. (Personal Development Seminar Phoenix)
  • “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” (Saw Brene Brown in Denver)
  • There is no success without helping others. (Personal Development Workshop Phoenix)
  • Email marketing is still king. (Anik Signal webinar)
  • Home builders use their own escrow companies, or a strategic partner escrow company to close transactions. (Overheard through a cubicle Scottsdale)
  • Success leaves clues. Pay attention to the clues. (Tony Robbins event...
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Walking the Walk: Notaries, Time to Get Your Affairs in Order

Uncategorized Aug 29, 2022

Have you been "shoulding" all over yourself about getting your Medical Directives, Last Will & Testament, or even a Living Trust in place? Me too! Even as an advocate of the importance of these documents, I've found myself dragging my feet, procrastinating, and avoiding the process altogether…until now. My guest, Stephanie Maloney, is in charge of Client Services at Premiere Estate planning, and on this episode she shares her passion and her lessons about a necessary subject that many of us avoid. Part of the joy of being the Notary at an Estate Planning Appointment is the peace of mind it brings to the signers. Now it's your turn to enjoy that peace too! And, frankly, there's no better way to understand the process AND the documents, then to go through it yourself.

Guest Information:

Stephanie Maloney is the Director of Client Services at Premier Estate Planning, based in Arizona but assisting clients in all fifty states with their Estate Planning needs.


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How to Start a Fingerprinting Business in ANY State


Are you ready to learn how to start a fingerprinting business AND start making money at it? Daniel Jurkowitsch is the CEO of and current Nassau County Detective, and he shares unfiltered possibilities about being a fingerprint technician in ANY state. Fingerprinting services are in extra high demand right now, and no matter what state you are in, there are two clear pathways to build a side hustle OR an empire. The choice is yours on this episode of the Sign & Thrive Podcast for Notaries.

Guest Information:

Daniel Jurkowitsch is currently a Nassau county detective in New York, as well as the CEO of

Start your fingerprinting business by completing a 30-second survey here 

Episode Highlights:

39:23 Laser FOCUS is my mantra.

41:44 You need three things: the equipment, the knowledge and the eyeballs.

50:01 Word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy, which means customer service is...

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The Top of Mind Method: Thirteen Opportunities to Create Lifetime Customers


As customers flow into our Notary business, we're faced with many different ways to represent our brand and demonstrate our expertise. These opportunities, when optimized, help deepify relationships, clearing the path for something that can last beyond one single transaction. Because, if your customer needed a Notary once, they'll need one again. Or, at the very least, they'll know someone who does. Through years of experience, Bill has built the framework for the Top of Mind Method, and the 13 Opportunities you have to connect deeper and provide even more value to your ideal customers.

Episode Highlights:

3:22 The challenge is that when things are going good and your phone is ringing off the hook, it's real easy to push aside all the fundamental business practices that help businesses succeed in the long run.

6:49 Results don't lie. They can be harsh sometimes, but they're true.

12:42 The top of mind method is basically 13 opportunities we have from the first time we...

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Building a Network of Notaries & Wedding Officiants


Selecia has built an amazing business working as a mobile notary, a Justice of the Peace in Florida, a wedding officiant at the Rainbow Notary Nuptials, and an advocate of RON (remote online notary) - tapping into the expat community needs around the country.

Guest Information:

When my Notary Commission began in December 2017, I had no idea the opportunities I would have to meet and help people. So often when people think of needing a Notary it is to sign an important document. The truth is, when you need a Notary, you are facing a life changing situation. Someone is being born or someone has died. You are: buying a house or selling a house, signing a Will or a Power Of Attorney, buying a car or selling a car. It is major life moment for the client. Our Commission gives us the power and charge to verify the identity and to sign these important documents. It is a great privilege to be able to assist people with these documents and to get them the verifications they need....

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Ten Ways to Pivot & Enhance Your Notary Business Right Now

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2022



Vanessa Terry is the Founder of Notary2Notary, the nationwide notary training program, On-Time Notary, her nationwide signing service and iNotarize, her new Electronic Notary Platform. She loves training and provides resources in the notary industry across the country. She was also named 2021 Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur who is changing the way people work.

Visit her website to learn more about her training at

Episode Description:

Are you feeling afraid of not making enough money as a loan signing agent with the rising interest rates? You're not alone! And where some Notaries are stressing, others are expanding. Many of our peers are finding opportunity everywhere! Listen to this conversation with Vanessa Terry about how she's expanding her own personal business, as well as coaching others to do the same. There are additional income streams AND ways to warm up your current network to get...

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Your Health Matters: Micro Changes for Macro Success


Have you ever felt too embarrassed about the way you look or feel about yourself to even walk into an escrow office or networking meeting? Or do you just run out of energy halfway through the day and give up on all the things you know you "should" be doing today? Is the stress associated with major changes in your business getting you bogged down? Jane gets it. Jane Wenning has been helping people improve their mental and physical well-being for over 20 years. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands how difficult it can be for mobile workers to stay active and eat in a way that energizes us. From her own experience, she adapted the Four Pillars of Health and she shares her journey from body shame to acceptance and abundance in today's episode.

Guest Information:

“When you love who you are, you become healthy, strong and unstoppable. This is true transformation – body, mind and spirit. This is the gift I want to share.”

Jane Wenning is a certified...

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