116 Tips to Build a Thriving Business as an Apostille Agent

International document authentication is an exciting and challenging venture. Hundreds of thousands of documents are apostillised each year, and you can help the public navigate the process as an apostille agent. In this latest book, Bill Soroka and the "Queen of Apostilles," Judi Lawrence, show you exactly how to build a thriving business with apostilles. They'll take you from foundational knowledge, to mastery-level tips about how to perform your duties, and through marketing tactics, and solid business practices. This book will boost your knowledge, your confidence, and your income, wehn you implement these tips into your business.

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Get to Know Bill on a Different Level...

Bill's first non-notary book is a collection of short essays and stories about life. Written through the pandemic with his friend Bobbi, this book will make you laugh, cry, and think. More than anything, you may be inspired to write! Each chapter is a writing prompt and the book comes with access to a downloadable prompt journal so you can participate. Enjoy the read, it's dandelion season! 

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Tap Into Specialty Notary Work with Laura Biewer and Bill Soroka

She's the G.O.A.T and notary expert in all fifty states. She's built a notary business that's lasted 17 years and counting, and it thrives with Specialty Notary Work. Laura and I joined forces in this latest book collaboration to share insight into how to identify niches and tap into specialties using your notary commission...and beyond. 


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For Loan Signing Agents

This book lays out the complete 5-Phase system to start OR grow your loan signing business to levels you've never dreamed of before. Read this book to get the clarity you need about how this service as a Notary Public and Loan Signing Agent can change both your life, and the life of your customer.

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For All Notaries!

LinkedIn is a veritable gold mine of information, connections, and opportunities for notaries, and this book is the treasure map that will lead you step by step along the way. LinkedIn provides the platform to meet the people you will cultivate relationships with. And in this business, relationships are everything!

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Maximum Business Growth!

The Notary Business Building Challenge gives you a full 90 days of activities to tap into the opportunities that cultivate lifetime customer relationships and truly build a business that will last, no matter what interest rates are doing. 

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Free Estate Planning Document Training For Notaries

Did you know every living trust document package in every state requires 6-8 notarizations (or more)? 

Your services are necessary and appreciated in the estate planning industry. 

With this free training bundle, you'll get the foundational skills and insight you need to build this specialty niche for more service and more revenue. 

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