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I've either created courses or collaborated with industry pros to help you build multiple streams of service and revenue in your Notary business.

The Advanced Notary Mastermind Community

Notary Business Builder is an elite community of advanced Notary entrepreneurs that are committed to building a successful business in any economy by leveraging authentic sharing technology and cultivating deeper relationships.

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General Notary Work & Specialty Notary Work Training

Laura Biewer Presents...is a collection of highly specialized training replays to help you gain the competence and confidence you crave when it comes to General Notary Work. Laura has built a business carving out various niches within GNW and even coined the phrase, Specialty Notary Work to descrive the expertise a Notary can cultivate in this industry. 


Loan Signing Agent Training

The mortgage industry uses mobile Notaries to facilitate loan closing appointments for purchases, refinances, seller packages, home loan modifications, and more. The Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community is the most detailed and comprehensive training in the industry to help you gain the skills you need to thrive. 

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Remote Online Notarization (RON) Training and Platform with Cyberize-It

We've partnered with Cyberize-It, a Notary-centric RON platform, because of their commitment to Notary success and support. Check out the special deal for fans of Notary Coach at the link below. 

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Wedding Officiant Training

No matter what state you are in, you can likely become ordained and officiate weddings. Sometimes it's included as a notarial act, but it's usually not. This can be a totally separate business for you. Learn more about getting ordained in your state, and more importantly, how to get trained to be an exceptional Wedding Officiant, by clicking the image. We've partnered with Mark Allan Groleau, a leading wedding officiant and founder of the Unboring!Wedding Academy to help you stand out and build a prosperous business you can be proud of. 

Become an Unboring!Wedding Officiant

Apostille Agent Certification & Training

Apostille Agents are legal and utilized in all 50 states. You can help the public navigate the often confusing apostille process, and help with their document legalization. 

This Certification by Judi Lawrence, Queen of Apostilles, as an Apostille Agent is ideal for experienced Notaries that would like to add another line of service and revenue to their existing business. (Being a Notary is NOT required)

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Fingerprinting Business Training

One of the biggest opportunities we have outside of our Notary commission is fingerprinting. I've partnered with team at Fingerprinting Classes to finally get you access to information and resources to help you start a fingerprinting business in any state. Ready to go big? Click the link and see the top five reasons I am excited about this opportunity.  

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"“Bill provided excellent training for my new career as a CSA. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, which made me feel confident about the level of knowledge I was gaining and my ability to go forth on my own. I highly recommend using his services!”"


"Thorough training covering all the aspects of working as a signing agent for the mortgage industry, delivered in a friendly, encouraging, easy to access format. Bill starts at the very beginning of the process and covers every detail, encouraging questions and feedback, and responding quickly and competely to questions and requests. His approach of building a community for ongoing education and support was the clincher for me. Thanks for all your hard work, Bill!"


"“Bill has an amazing talent for helping people learn. It's not just his knowledge base that makes him a good instructor. It is his calm, yet enthusiastic demeanor and his confidence in the material. All of this combines makes a wonderful learning environment. I highly recommend his course.”"


"“Entrepreneur Bill Soroka has a passion to share and teach others in a collaborative environment. His business model is built on a solid foundation which allows a person to go at their own pace through the phases of becoming a Notary Public to a Signing Agent and Mobile Notary. The people that have learned this business under the direction of Bill are open and creative individuals that want to share ideas and celebrate each other’s successes.”"


"“As an instructor with over 24 years of teaching experience and knowing how difficult communicating complex procedures can be, I was amazed by the straightforward approach and easiness of Bill Soroka’s Notary Coaching System. Even people with little to no experience in the Notary / Signing Profession will be able to attain the fundamental knowledge required as a Notary / Signing Agent within a short period of time. All it takes is the discipline to study while following the clearly laid out step by step instructions and staying plugged in with Bill’s coaching. Bill Soroka’s Notary Coaching System – Highly Recommended!”"


Hyper-Local Marketing

Make all your services and business work together with hyper-local marketing and Google Business Profile.

Google Marketing Training

I've partnered with Jim Allen, the Marketing Notary, to bring you live virtual training on how to optimize your Google Business Profile. It's pretty much required table stakes to have your GBP these days, but is it working for you? Is your phone ringing? Taking some extra steps to make sure Google knows all that you can offer and where, is what this training with Jim Allen is all about. And THAT can make all the difference.  

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"I was so excited when I saw how much information is packed into this book. I have it both in Kindle format and paperback. This is the type of book I will be referring back to on a regular basis so I wanted it in both formats. The author Bill Soroka, details his background in the notary public business and how he went from rags to riches by building relationships and gaining the knowledge and experience to excel in this field. He gives in-depth detailed examples of how to present the documents in an easy conversational way, and also gives tips on what to expect and how to handle the unexpected. His wit and humor make this book an enjoyable read, and gives the reader the feeling of confidence through sharing his resources and his Daily Do's in order to expand and grow this business. You won't be disappointed with the level of information contained in this book. It is not just for beginners, it can be an easy reference book for more advanced notary publics too!"

K. Krueger

"A friend let me borrow this book, and I could not put it down, I had to buy my own. This book is Amazing. Bill truly makes the notary/loan signing business practical and non intimidating! His personality, honesty, love of people and the profession are evident. This book has already answered so many of my questions, just yesterday I incorporated many of the techniques discussed by Bill, the signing was smooth and successful! regardless of being a new or seasoned signing agent this is truly an indispensable resource!"

Mike H.

"Whether you are thinking about becoming a notary and/or loan signing agent, just starting out or have been doing this for years this book is for you. Bill has filled this book with humor, stories, tips, pointers and useful information from his successful career. Even though I have been following him for a while now, I still learned a lot from this book and think it will be a great reference book along with the extensive resource list he generously includes. I definitely recommend this book!"


"“Entrepreneur Bill Soroka has a passion to share and teach others in a collaborative environment. His business model is built on a solid foundation which allows a person to go at their own pace through the phases of becoming a Notary Public to a Signing Agent and Mobile Notary. The people that have learned this business under the direction of Bill are open and creative individuals that want to share ideas and celebrate each other’s successes.”"


"I am fairly new at this business and was looking for information everywhere! It's kind of a dry subject! What a surprise! This is a Great Read loaded with useful information and Bill's humor gets you through this subject matter with a smile on your face! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Kudos to the Author!!! Thank you for writing this! This is a Great help for people like me!!! LOVED IT!!!!"


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