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Whether offered direct, or through collaboration with other AMAZING industry professionals, you can count on the information, knowledge, and support you need to succeed.

Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community

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The ultimate training course and community for loan signing agents...and beyond.

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Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional Training & Exam

$97.00 USD every year

Welcome to the most comprehensive reverse mortgage training program available for loan signing agents.  Designed...

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The Daily Do's Checklist- How I Went From $1,000 per Month to $20,000 per Month

These are the exact steps I took every single day to stay "Top of Mind" with both current and prospective clients in ...

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Laura Biewer Presents...


Get the expert help you need for specific General Notary Work documents 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, with the "Laur...

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The Best Notary Training Ever!

What's better than the perspective of a proven, high performing expert in the notary industry? How 'bout the perspective of THREE industry experts?

Every Tuesday morning, the founders of three training programs come together to offer you FREE training and access to ask ANY questions you have. 

Join myself, founder of Sign & Thrive- Carol Ray, Founder of Notary2Pro, and Laura Biewer, Founder of At Your Service Notary and Coaching.

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Become an AMAZING Wedding Officiant

We collaborated with Mark Groleau and his exceptional online training course, The Unboring!Officiant to teach you the ins and outs of creating and delivering an UNBORING wedding ceremony.

UNBORING!OFFICIANT is Mark Allan Groleau’s premium A-to-Z online video training course for wedding officiants + all the tools and scripts you’ll ever need for your first time or a full-time practice.
UNBORING!OFFICIANT is the only full online video training program that teaches students all over the world how to become an unboring wedding officiant using a proven, professional system. ‘You in?
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Notary Coach Features

At Notary Coach, I like to keep things simple and transparent. Here are a few key things you can count on from me.

Training on Your Schedule

Most of the content is available to you immediately upon registration, so you can take this at your own pace, and skip ahead, or go back to, any content you need, when you need it.  The choice is yours!

Get The Results You Want

Whether you are trying to make a few hundred dollars extra per month, or building a six-figure empire, our courses will help you along the way. The material is specific and practical, so you can apply it immediately. 

The Whole Picture

Being a mobile notary and loan signing agent is about more than just knowing how to sign, date, and intial a document-especially if you plan to build a business. My courses will dive deep into habits, routine, relationships, and more. Everything you need to grow and succeed!

Free YouTube Video Training & Content

I have hundreds of free videos available on the NotaryCoach YouTube Channel. You can see the day in the life of a thriving loan signing agent, daily hacks, and more. Subscribe today and keep learning!

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2019 R.O.N. Summit

Kicking off March 12, 2019, the RON Summit is a collection of interviews and conversations surrounding Remote Online Notarization (RON). Now is the time to learn of, and participate in, the decisions that will impact your business. 

Get Curious. Get Informed. Get Empowered.
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Can You Really Make $100,000 a Year as a Mobile Notary?

Watch the video below where I break down what it takes to make $100,000 a year as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. Is it easy? No. Is it possible? Absolutely. Do you have the hustle to make it happen? You tell me.

Meet Your Coach


Hi Everyone! My name is Bill Soroka, and I am  a full time mobile notary and loan signing agent based in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I've created a multiple six-figure enterprise using very specific techniques that I love to share with others. 

This wasn't an easy business for me. In fact, when I first got started, I was so distracted with other business ventures that I didn't give this one the chance it deserved. Without the required attention, each loan signing was so stressful, I nearly gave myself an ulcer stressing about it. Plus, my income level mirrored my inconsistent, and distracted attention to the mobile notary business.

Everything changed after an intense "results-inventory" of my life, and a conversation with a good friend.  I systemized my business, scripted the documents, and implemented a way to authentically connect to people. Then, after massive, and consistent action, business revenue increased by 20 times within 90 days, and I was well on my way to growing that even further. 

I love this business and the people I get to meet every single day.  Everything is done with a profound sense of gratitude. This business can be anything and everything you need it to be- Flexible, Unlimited, Legit.

What Kind of Person Can Be a GREAT Mobile Notary & Loan Signing Agent?

One of the beautiful aspects of this business is that just about anyone with a willingness to be of service, and the hustle (taking action) to make stuff happen, can be successful at it. In this video, I share some common characteristics and skill sets you can build to create your dream business.

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