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Hello...I'm Bill Soroka

I help notaries build thriving businesses regardless of economic conditions like mortgage interest rates and the housing market. Millions of documents are notarized each year. They may as well be notarized by you. To start working with me, tap into the next big boom for mobile notaries beyond loan signings with my free "estate planning notary" training bundle below. The future is here and your services are needed NOW!


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Does This Sound Like YOU?

Are you a notary entrepreneur that worries about how to survive in today's market without loan signings falling from the sky? I know how that feels. This grainy picture was me in 2014 the last time my phones went quiet in my notary business. I've been here before and I can assure you: 

  • If you're brand new to the biz, or if you want to grow your business beyond loan signings...
  • If you've been in the business for years, and you feel like you've tried everything and nothing is working...
  • If you're called to this work to serve others while also creating prosperity for yourself...
  • And especially, if you're committed to helping your clients navigate the best days of their lives, as well as the worst, as a beacon of love and light,

...then you've arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.

My name is Bill Soroka, and I help extraordinary humans start, run, and grow their service-based notary businesses. 


There are THREE Main Ways I can Help You Grow Your Business Today:

Free Trust Delivery Agent Training Bundle

This foundational training will give you the insight and skills you need to begin working in the estate planning industry niche. Living trust appointments are fun. lucrative, and untethered to the housing market. 

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Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent

In this advanced training program, we dive deeper into estate planning documents, signing table mastery, and specific sales and marketing techniques to estate planning attorneys. Certificate issued!

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The Notary Business Builder (NBB) Program

This program includes ALL of my other courses and then some. It's a one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed as a mobile notary. 12 course, 11 instructors, and cost-saving technology platforms too!

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"“Bill provided excellent training for my new career as a CSA. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, which made me feel confident about the level of knowledge I was gaining and my ability to go forth on my own. I highly recommend using his services!”"


"Thorough training covering all the aspects of working as a signing agent for the mortgage industry, delivered in a friendly, encouraging, easy to access format. Bill starts at the very beginning of the process and covers every detail, encouraging questions and feedback, and responding quickly and competely to questions and requests. His approach of building a community for ongoing education and support was the clincher for me. Thanks for all your hard work, Bill!"


"“Bill has an amazing talent for helping people learn. It's not just his knowledge base that makes him a good instructor. It is his calm, yet enthusiastic demeanor and his confidence in the material. All of this combines makes a wonderful learning environment. I highly recommend his course.”"


"“Entrepreneur Bill Soroka has a passion to share and teach others in a collaborative environment. His business model is built on a solid foundation which allows a person to go at their own pace through the phases of becoming a Notary Public to a Signing Agent and Mobile Notary. The people that have learned this business under the direction of Bill are open and creative individuals that want to share ideas and celebrate each other’s successes.”"


"“As an instructor with over 24 years of teaching experience and knowing how difficult communicating complex procedures can be, I was amazed by the straightforward approach and easiness of Bill Soroka’s Notary Coaching System. Even people with little to no experience in the Notary / Signing Profession will be able to attain the fundamental knowledge required as a Notary / Signing Agent within a short period of time. All it takes is the discipline to study while following the clearly laid out step by step instructions and staying plugged in with Bill’s coaching. Bill Soroka’s Notary Coaching System – Highly Recommended!”"


More Free Resources to Help Notaries

The TOMM App

This is the only app that helps notaries get more clients. The standard version is FREE and allows you to track contacts, send resources, and share the best parts of your business with your entire network. Tell everyone about your business! 

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Free Marketing Report

I've learned a lot in my pivot to estate planning documents, especially about marketing to attorneys. In this free report, I share my top 25 lessons and how you can avoid pitfalls and earn six figures as a trust delivery agent. 

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Tuesday Notary Titans

Laura and Jen answer all your  questions on the weekly group coaching call, TNT. Join hundreds of notaries from across the country every Tuesday at 12:15pm Pacific time. Register for the link below.


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