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In this free report, "Pivot or Quit It: A Notary’s Guide to Untethering From The Ups & Downs of Mortgage Interest Rate Cycles And Shifting Attention to The Steady & Secure Realm of The Estate Planning Industry," Bill Soroka, founder of Notary Coach and author of Sign & Thrive, details his personal shift to trust delivery work,  and shares his 90-day marketing blitz to estate planning attorneys that had surprising (and lucrative) results. 

If you're a notary that is concerned about keeping the business you've come to love because loan signing volume has drastically slowed, then you don't want to miss this quick and easy read about the next big boom for mobile notaries, as well as the top 25 lessons Bill learned when marketing to estate planning attorneys.

The Top 25 Lessons I learned Marketing to Estate Planning Attorneys

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