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The Next Level Notary Series

nln Sep 18, 2018

Next Level Notary

I didn’t start out thinking that being a mobile notary and signing agent for the mortgage industry would help me build wealth. In fact, it was kind of the opposite. I live in a state that, up until March of this year, limited the notary fees I can charge to just $2 per signature, so it was quite far from my mind.

I knew the loan signing side of things could generate some decent income, but still, I simply used it as a side-hustle to fund my other, “grander”, business ventures. It wasn’t until every one of those “grander” ventures collapsed, that I turned my focus, full time,  to the notary gig, and it started performing better than any business I’ve ever owned. Not only does it create incredible amounts of income, but I look forward to going to work every day. I truly love what I do, and along this journey, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy sharing it with others too.

My business is my masterpiece, and I...

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Have a Database and Work It

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2018
I'm writing you from the plane as I return to Phoenix from Houston. 
I was honored to attend a local notary Meetup, sponsored by Judy Lichtenberger, and her incredible team. 
I was struck by the amount of optimism, love, and support, that filled that room of notaries of all different experience levels. 
Each one introduced themselves, and shared a piece of the journey that had brought them to this business. I was reminded, again, why I love this job so much- the people.
People launch their notary business for lots of reasons. We each have our own "why," but when it comes down to it, we want to work in a business we can be proud of, with a flexible schedule so we can spend our time doing what we want, and still make enough money to not only survive, but to THRIVE.
That's what I heard yesterday, at the Houston area Notary Meetup- passion to make this business work. 
These local notaries spent their Saturday night,...
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Thinking On Your Toes as a Mobile Notary

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2018

One thing you can count on in this business- things do not always go according to plan.

Today, I got an urgent loan signing appointment from one of my favorite clients. I got the call at 11:15 am, for one of their home buyers that was not too happy at all. Due to some mortgage hiccups, this poor borrower is closing 30 days later than expected, AND their new rate-lock expires today at 5:00pm. In other words, the loan HAS to close today, or they may lose their house altogether.

So, the lender needs the documents signed at 1:00pm and returned immediately to the escrow office in order to get this loan closed. And, the signing is in a little town south of Phoenix called, Maricopa...54 minutes away from title. 

It's cutting it close, but I could do it. I was already on the road for other signings, and about 20 minutes from the title office, so I swung by, picked up docs, and then decided to pass on lunch in Phoenix, so I could eat at a local coffee shop I know in Maricopa. That would...

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The Power of Facial Expressions in Your Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Business

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018

Even though we all know that facial expressions, and body language in general, makes up an enormous part of the way we communicate to other people, many of us can be clueless as to what our face is doing when we aren't watching.

For some, our resting facial expression is one of disdain, anger, or sadness, and we don't even realize it. This is commonly known as RBF, or Resting Bitch Face. In every day life, this may not be that big of a deal. But, in business, it can mean the difference between getting (and keeping) a client, or never even getting your foot in the door. 

Your facial expressions can set the tone for a new client relationship, or even an entire loan signing. Whether we like it or not, people make judgements on who we are within the first few seconds of interacting with, or even just seeing, us. If you're RBF is on point, and you have a scowl, even if you're smiling on the inside, you could set yourself up for a rough signing. 

In my own business, I often have...

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"Connecting Powerfully at the NNA (or any) Conference," with Special Guest, Robbie Samuels

Uncategorized May 24, 2018

 Connecting Powerfully at the NNA (or any) Conference 

If you missed the live version of this webinar tonight, you missed out on some fun with Robbie & I. Luckily, we recorded and it so you can catch up on the excellent tips and strategies that Robbie offered to help boost your business, and your life, through networking.

Robbie Samuels, author of "Croissants vs. Bagels: Strategic, Effective, & Inclusive Networking at Conferences," has a different way of approaching networking. In tonight's webinar, he shared the importance of planning ahead, knowing why you want to attend your conferences, or special networking events, and be intentional in your approach.

While at the event, Robbie offers specific ways you can approach other people, start conversations, and leap frog through the room to connect with the very people that will help you enhance your business, or other endeavor. 

What I love about Robbie, is that he focuses on the authentic side of networking....

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Not Ready to Spend Money on a Notary Website? No Worries, here are a few AWESOME alternatives!

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

Hey, I know how it is when you're starting up a new business. Money is tight! And, you don't want to, or can't, spend unnecessary dollars.

Some of you are just trying to see if this thing will work out before you lay down some cash for a website. I get it. And, you set yourself up for failure by waiting too long. It's a viscious cycle because if you wont' build a website until you know this business is real,  then your customers can't find you, so your business fails, so you don't build a website...

At some point, you'll have to have a website. Even though you don't have to have a professional website from day one, you will need a digital presence, like a Facebook page.  Just some way a customer can find you online. 

Here are three alternatives to paying for a professional website:

For all three options, you will need a domain name, or web address for your business. These can be easily purchased through any domain registrar, like Go Daddy.

1. Utilize a free...

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Notary Coach's Weekly MOREcast Follow Up For 5/15/18

Uncategorized May 21, 2018

 Weekly MOREcast for 5/15/18

Signing Schedule

So grateful for an amazing team that is covering my siginings for the rest of the week. I'll be traveling to San Jose, California tomorrow for a very intense training, and I have peace of mind knowing that my clients are in good hands. Thank you to the students of Sign & Thrive who have helped make that happen! We are approaching the end of the month, and purchase-money signings are through the roof!

Quotes That Speak to Me

"Authentic is more important, and more powerful, than perfect." -Harv Ecker

We are craving authentic connection, and when you demonstrate this with people (your clients included), magical things happen.

What I am Reading

"Wisdom of the Shamans" by Don Jose Ruiz

I am just getting started on this one, but loving the message of interconnectedness.

What I am Loving This Week

Qapital Savings Account and App

This has been so handy! I can automatically save ANY percentage of the deposits into my business account....

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The Tale of Two Drivers

Uncategorized May 20, 2018

Set The Scene

I am in San Jose, California, at an intense training to help me deliver more value through my business. My buddy Zion, founder of The Triple Threat Artist, joined me as well, and we’ve been having power lunches to digest and process the information we’ve learned.

Not having a car, we’ve relied on Lyft to taxi us around to our lunchtime adventures. We found this kind of cool place, called Rok, about a 7 minute car ride from our hotel. Rok is unique in that it serves your steak on a 700 degree volcanic rock, and it literally cooks in front of you, giving you total control of your taste experience. We enjoyed it so much, we actually had lunch here two days in a row.

Meet Our Two Drivers

On each day, we had two different Lyft drivers, both drove a Prius. So we are all clear, these are two people who drive for the same company, in the same city, in the same style of car. Lots of similarities, and some pretty glaring differences. Check this out.


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Working Part Time as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent

Uncategorized May 07, 2018

 Flexible Schedule

One of the best things about this business is the flexible schedule. You can work around your kid's sporting events, your day job, or your passion hobby of ice bowling. You get to decide which jobs to take, or not take. That said, there are soem considerations you should be aware of.

As a loan signing agent, many mortgage loan closings occur during regular business hours, 8-5 Monday through Friday. There are still plenty that occur in the evenings and weekends, but knowing this can help you structure your business model. There are essentially three main business models to choose from.

Business Models

One, you can just be an independent contractor working for existing signing companies.  These are nice because you don't have to find the business, you just show up and do a job. The downside is the signing company takes a substantial share of the signing fee.

Two, you can hustle for business directly from Escrow Officers/Closing Agents.  This cuts out...

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Resources: The 5 Key Steps to Starting & Building a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Business

Uncategorized May 07, 2018


We went over a lot on Saturday, and we promised some resources. We aim to deliver those in this email/blog post.

We broke down the resources by step, so they are easy for you to find. Please know that this is not a definitive plan. There are many routes and resources available to you. Just because we don't mention a particular one, doesn't mean they wouldn't be a good resource for you. That said, please be wary of any organization that promises business in exchange for a fee.

Most people start a business on a shoestring budget, so where you spend your money matters. There are some really great companies out there that can help you, and, unfortunately, there are some companies that over-promise and under-deliver. Our webinar today can help guide you through that and then these resources will help get you started without spending unnecessary dollars. 

As you explore your options, consider the two perspectives you've been offered. Both Carol and I have experienced...

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