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Janae's Notary Story


This week I interview Janae, who went from a career in education, guidance counseling, and stay-at-home mom to creating a successful Notary business. I urge you to listen in on how she embraced her entrepreneur spirit and overcame challenges to build the career of her dreams.

Check out Janae's all new Florida Academy of Notaries for state-specific training and resources at the link below:

Florida Academy of Notaries

Episode Highlights:

5:57 One of the biggest mistakes I mad on my journey was dragging my feet. I recognized the opportunity but I was trying to do too many different things.

28:41 If you can teach people in your state to be a better notary, to really honor this role that we play as the last line of defense against mortgage and identity theft, then you have a very valuable gift for other notaries in your state.

40:49 I bet you already know the exact person that you need to make your business, whatever you want it to be.

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The Integrity Journal & Building a Business as a Mobile Notary


Clyde not only created one of the most highly reviewed Notarial journals in history with his Integrity Journal, but he is also building a Notary practice that he loves. Listen in this week as Clyde shares his strategy for building B2B relationships with attorneys, escrow, and more, to diversify his income streams.

Guest Information:

Clyde Heppner is a full-time mobile notary public and certified loan signing agent in Missouri. He is a graduate of both Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro training and Bill Soroka’s “Sign and Thrive” Loan Signing Course.

Clyde came this career after being the Coordinator of Research for the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools during its court order desegregation. He left the district for a position with Sprint (now known as T-Mobile) where he worked for 18 years as an executive.

Clyde is a graduate of the University of Minnesota ­ Morris, and holds an advanced degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His training is...

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Real Talk About Remote Online Notarization


We've all heard about RON-Remote Online Notarization. Join me with my guest this week, Amy Seitz, a fellow Notary who saw an opportunity to build a business (and a RON platform) as a virtual Notary. She shares the good, the bad, and the strategy she used to create a successful online business as a Notary Public. If you're wondering if RON is right for you, don't miss this episode!

Guest Information:

Amy Seitz is the Creator/founder, and CEO of, an online Notarization platform that helps Notaries build their RON business.

Explore more at

Episode Highlights:

4:43 Despite some challenges, Amy Seitz paints the picture of opportunity for those that are exploring Remote Online Notarization. Is RON in your future?

20:47 Building your Remote Online Notary business is similar to building your in-person Notary business: Through digital presence and relationships.

59:05 This work matters! Tune-in to Amy's compelling "why" she works so hard to be...

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Seal the Deal When Customers Call


With over 25 years as a customer service trainer in call centers, Dan applies a simple three-step formula to his sales & service calls as a Notary. This establishes rapport, builds confidence, and creates more appointments. Plus, as a Distinguished Toastmaster, and founder of NotaryMasters, Dan provides a pathway to boosting confidence and improving presentation skills for mobile notaries and loan signing agents.

Guest Information:

Dan is a Notary from the Portland Oregon Area. He is very involved in Toastmasters and is currently chartering a brand new Toastmasters club specifically for the Notary Industry. He recently earned his Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), and this new club, Notary Masters, should charter this spring.

For more information, go to


Episode Highlights:

14:28 Dan created a simple three-step framework to enhance conversation flow on his Notary service calls. This has resulted in more appointments and...

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"Hope" For the Future of Your Notary Business


Sue Hope lives into her name on this episode of the Sign & Thrive Notary Podcast. A Notary Public since 1999, Hope has ridden the roller coaster of this business, and as founder of the epic bookkeeping software, NotaryAssist, she's observed the habits and strategies of Notaries across the country that thrive in all sorts of economic conditions.

Guest Information:

Sue Hope is the Small Business Owner of NotaryAssist Software which opened in 2007. She's also a Commissioned Notary Public in CA since 1999, a Loan Signing Agent, & Realtor in California since 2000. Her Love of the Notary Community shines through in just about everything she does! She also happens to love learning, collaborating and not sitting still in work or in life. She's a Daughter, Wife, Mother and Friend. And, oh yeah, she really likes wine!

Connect with Sue and try your free trial of Notary Assist software at - [email protected] - Tech Support # 949-713-3570

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Tax Strategies & Preparedness for Mobile Notaries


This episode, featuring Renea Dentman, is PACKED with the ins & outs of five critical tips for tax and business planning for mobile notaries and loan signing agents. Did you know you can hire your kids and enjoy some legal tax benefits? Or that Notaries can opt to exempt their Notary Public revenue from their self-employment tax liability? Details on these and so much more on this episode of the Sign & Thrive podcast!

Guest Information:

Renea Dentman is a philanthropist and a serial entrepreneur. She is the owner of Ms Notary Consultant and California Notary Agency. Despite economic downturns, Renea has successfully run profitable businesses for the past ten years. She has used her knowledge and expertise in the business, tax, and notary industries to develop courses that teach others how to start successful Notary Businesses.

As a result, hardship pushed her to acquire a high degree of self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work. This enabled her to complete...

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Free Hyper-Local Marketing for Specialty Notary Work

Uncategorized May 16, 2022

Google loves Google! That means when people use the most popular search engine in the world to find a "Notary Near Me," YOUR Google Business Profile optimization is critically important. Jim Allen, a fellow mobile notary and loan signing agent, brings expertise from his previous IT & Marketing career to help notaries get more General (Specialty) Notary calls every single month. You don't want to miss this!

Guest Information:

Jim Allen is a mobile notary and loan signing agent based out of Boise, Idaho. And he's also a Google business profile trainer just for notaries, and teaches notaries how to get found on local Google searches.

Want more Speciality Notary Work? Optimize your Google Page by learning from Jim, to get the very most out of local notary Google searches:

You can find out more about Jim Allen by visiting his Idaho Mobile Notary business page. Want to learn more about...
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Top Notch Tools to Stand Out as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent


Kim Flanagan went from corporate to creator in her role as a mobile Notary. Putting herself in the shoes of her customers, she designed systems and tools to create ease in her appointments and it's paid off big time. She's also helped design products, like a customer intake form and luxury-feeling journal to help notaries be more efficient and stand out in a sea of sameness.

Episode Highlights:

11:07 When you adapt processes, habits, and routine, you free up headspace to be present and engaged with your customers. This allows for a relationship that can last beyond one single transaction.

13:51 When you looking for training, find a teacher that resonates with you as you get started. Then, never stop learning. Focus on learning just ONE thing that could help you.

24:53 Using a customer intake form, like the one designed by Kim at Notary Ally, helps you demonstrate your expertise when a client calls you. Move from "order-taker" to Notary Professional with the prompts and...

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Serve Your Way to Success


Samantha Smith joins Bill on today's conversation about the unexpected journey of a Notary Public. Samantha shares her "evolution" from unemployed to thriving in balance with gainful employment and a mobile Notary entrepreneurial endeavor. With a commitment to "service first," Samantha has built community in a business that cultivates joy and revenue.

Contact Samantha using her resources Link, or going HERE.

Episode Highlights:

42:09 Samantha firmly believes you can serve your way to success as a Notary Public.

22:37 Sometimes the best way to recharge is to unplug.

43:31 If you're not evolving, you're dying. Keep growing!

--- Full Raw Transcription Below ---


Bill Soroka (00:21):
Hello and welcome to the Sign and Thrive Podcast. I'm here with our very special guest today. Samantha Smith whom I met in the notary business many years ago now and is now the founder of Georgia notary network. And so much more, now a book author. And Samantha, I gotta tell you, I've been...

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Finding Success as a Part Time Notary Signing Agent


Lori has a job and a family life that keeps her busy and fulfilled. And, she was looking for another passion project that could create another income flow when she discovered the career as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. Now, she balances it all and continues to grow and expand her business and enjoyment.

Guest Information:

Lori Morgan is the proud owner of "Sign Here and There Notary Services". She is also the founders of both the Level Up Notary Signing Agent Virtual Summit and the Notary Book Club. She’s worked in the industry as a commissioned Notary for over 8 years, based in Central Indiana. She’s passionate about encouraging newer Notaries. When she's not working or moderating a Notary-themed room on the Clubhouse app, Lori can be found traveling, attending live jazz shows or spending quality time with family and friends.

Notaries can connect with her via social media - Instagram or LinkedIN or Facebook

For info about the...

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