It Started with a Single Push-Up

Nov 26, 2023

Thanksgiving weekend is what I call my Sacred Weekend.

Nearly ten years ago, these four days were going to either represent my death, or my legacy. 

I was so depressed after the collapse of my remaining businesses (save this one, as a mobile notary), that I was ready to off myself completely. 

I mean, after 26 business failures, there’s only so much a man can take. 

Or, is there?

I could have done the deed. Sure, it’s possible. Aside from a bottle of vodka though, I really hadn’t made any plans for my departure. Pills? I had them. Drugs? I had them. Guns? I had them. 

And yet, I didn't need them. 

Gratefully (hence my “Sacred Weekend”), instead of taking my life, I decided to make my life. I had to figure out WHAT it was that stopped me from achieving the results I wanted. 

If not WHAT, then, WHO?

I won’t keep you in distress. It was ME! 

I was in the way, as usual. 

Limiting beliefs. Excuses. Poor habits. 

When I went down the rabbit hole of success, I learned so much from the fresh new perspective of “rock bottom.” 

The Top Three Lessons I Learned in My Sacred Weekend

What I learned this weekend spawned my entire notay career. THIS weekend, so many years ago, is WHY you even know who I am. 

What was born from these deep, dark depths, brought the greatest light and joy to my life, and this is why you and I are connected in the first place. 

Beyond failure and uncertainty, I found a way to make multiple six-figures, and scale this business to levels most people would think impossible. 

I'm not special. I'm like you. You got this! Use this business to serve others and build the life you've dreamed of. 

#1 Take Total Responsibility 

You can blame no one and nothing else. Ever. You are 100% responsible for your results. And this will feel fu&$@!-up, but still true. The faster you accept that, the better life will be. Trust me. You’re where you are because of the decisions you made. 

#2 Don’t Underestimate Momentum

Every tiny step you take in the direction of what you want matters. I learned this over my Sacred Weekend with push-ups. I didn’t know how to succeed in business yet. I had no idea! I just failed 26 times. I was NOT taking advice from myself at the time. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t know, I chose something I could grasp, literally. The carpet. 

I hadn’t worked out in years, but I decided I would do ONE push-up that day, and then add one each day after. Well, once I was on the floor, doing one single push-up seemed pretty ridiculous. 

So, I did ten. 

And then I added one or more everyday after. Before you know it, I was doing a hundred or more push-ups everyday. 

What does that have to do with your notary business? 


The smallest step toward a goal is still a step. Take it. Daily. 

#3 If Anyone Can, You Can

And the third most important take-away from my Sacred Weekend is that if anyone else has done it before, I can do it too. Even if you’ve failed 26 times before. 

Especially as a mobile notary. 

Let’s be real, folks. Our work matters. It literally allows global commerce and transactions to move forward, but we’re also not calculating trajectory to Mars. 

You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to thrive as a notary entrepreneur. You just have to follow the crumbs. 

Success. Leaves. Clues. 

The most successful notaries in the country aren’t better or more special than you. They just did things differently and more consistently. 

You can do that too.


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