When & How to Ask For Customer Reviews

Nov 27, 2023

Once you’ve accepted that consumer reviews are important to your mobile notary success, the next question you probably have is about how to ask for reviews and when to ask for them. 


(And if you're still not quite sold on the idea of review-getting, read two of my previous articles here and here)

You can get as creative as you want with this, and you can find a style that matches your personality. 

If you’re uncomfortable asking for reviews, consider that 70% of consumers have left reviews before, and 90% of consumers use reviews to make buying decisions. That means you’re not asking for something out of left field here. They’re used to it!

More than that, most people want to help small business owners when they’ve had a positive experience. 

So let’s talk about it.

When to Ask For Reviews:

As a rule of thumb, you’ll only ask a client for a review when you’ve delivered five-star service and there is no question that the review you’ll receive will be four or five star quality. 

Generally, when to ask for reviews will fall into three options:

  • First, you can ask at the “signing table”, right there when you’re in front of the client.
  • Second, you could send a request immediately after the appointment via email or text. 
  • Or, a third option is to wait a little bit longer, like a couple days or a week, to send the request via text or email. 

And, I can’t reiterate this enough, YOU get to decide when to ask. These three options are just a starting point. If you come up with something that works for you, roll with it (and share it with us!). 

How to Ask For Reviews

How you ask for reviews will depend a lot on when you ask, so here’s a few examples for you to use for each of the three options I mentioned above. 

At The Table

If you’re still at the signing table, and your job is complete, you could say: “It was a pleasure being of service. Reviews help my small business thrive. Would you mind posting an honest review of your experience with me today?”

Make It Easy: If you choose this method, consider leaving a postcard or something with the direct link to your preferred review platform. QR codes are perfect for this! 

Immediately Following Appointment

This was my favorite time to ask, via text message (or email). You could say, “Thanks again! I loved meeting you today and it was a pleasure to serve. Would you mind posting a positive review of your experience with me today? It makes a HUGE difference for my local business.”

Make it Easy: Include the exact link to your preferred review platform. 

Later, After Appointment

Some notaries prefer to let some time go by before requesting a review. Totally up to you! If this is your preferred method, you could say something like, “Hi Mrs. Smith, I’m circling back to make sure everything went well with your notarized documents. I’m always here to help with these or other documents in the future. Be sure to save my number as “Notary Bill Soroka” in your phone so it’s easy to find me when you need me again. I love referrals so please feel free to share my contact info with your friends and family when they need a notary. By the way, Google reviews help my small business grow. Would you mind leaving an honest review about your experience with me last week? It’s easy to do when you click this link: (Include link here). 

Thank you and it was a pleasure to serve

Bill (The Notary)

Make It Easy: See how the link is included? Don’t make people work too hard to give you a review. Make it as easy as possible with direct links to whatever platform you prioritize. And I think you can see now the importance of the backup review platform too. Have it at the ready! 

You now know when & how to ask for reviews. There really isn’t a wrong way to do this, except not to do it at all. 

Reviews = Revenue.


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