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The Art of Selling

My friend Alison just published her book, The Art of Selling, and I think you should check it out.

If you're like me, one of the reasons you probably love the notary business is it isn't too "salesy." We're an essential service, and it's easy to hide from sales behind that label. 

But "sales" is the lifeblood for a small business like ours. 

We can call it pop-in, pop-by, networking, outreach, or building relationships, but it's sales. 

And we have to get good at to thrive as an entrepreneur. 

If you've struggled with inner demons, or systems for reaching out and following up, I think Alison's $5 book could help.

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I asked Alison to lead a special training just for the notary community. So grab the book, read it (and don't forget to leave a review), and then watch the replay of the training at the link below. 

Watch Sales Training Webinar here 

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I Hate Follow-Up! (and other lies we tell ourselves)

Why do you resist following up with your prospects? 

Ugh, we've all been there. You finally muster the courage to send the emails or the direct messages, or finally pop-in to an escrow or attorney office, and then...




You wait for that phone to ring...

Even though you know it's probably going to take more than one touch point for a prospect to get to know, like, and trust you enough to hire your services.

And then... the shame cycle happens:

  • I coulda...
  • I shoulda...
  • Even if you found the courage or discipline again to finally follow-up, six weeks has passed and now you're embarrased, so you don't. 
  • Repeat

Sound familiar?'re not alone.

Let's stop the shame cycle today. 

Run the Numbers

Most salespeople (that's you! Yep, you're a self-employed solopreneur wearing all the hats) don't follow-up. Me included. I have had to work hard to remind myself of it's importance. 

"The fortune is in the follow-up" is not a myth....

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