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Three Reasons Notaries Need to Adopt & Adapt to Trust Work

If you haven't noticed, I've shifted a lot of my attention and training towards attorneys, and in particular, estate planning attorneys.

Why do you think that is?

It's not because I hate loan signings now.

It's not because I think loan signings are going way for good.

I love loan signings and I know that people will always be buying, selling, and refinancing real estate.

But not at the volume we saw from 2020-2022.

A few ticks off the prime rate isn't going to spark a surge in refi's, so don't bank on loan signings alone.

You have to diversify.

That's what I started doing in December 2021. I saw the writing on the wall. And I wanted my phones to keep ringing.

So I did what I do. I connected some dots. If there were still millions and millions of documents being notarized, EVEN WITHOUT LOAN SIGNINGS, then where were they?

Guess what.

Three truths about the shift to estate planning documents:

  1. There's about 100 million Americans that need an estate plan/living trust but don't have one...
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Attorney Marketing For Notaries: Daily Activities to Help Estate Planning Professionals

Like with all big goals, small consistent steps make them happen. If you're goal is to work with estate planning professionals, you have to connect with more estate planning professionals. 

That's it. 

It's a pure numbers game. 

And in this fantastic interview with Jennifer Cooper from JKC Notary Courses, we talk specifically about the daily or weekly activities you could implement right now to move you forward on your goal. 

It's not that complicated. 


If you're anything like me, you're analytical brain can overthink a pebble. Sometimes a pebble is just a pebble. 

No matter which Specialty you're pursuing under the notary umbrella, there is tried and true systems for connecting to your dream clients. 

Jennifer and I discuss exactly what that looks like when marketing to estate planning professionals on this episode. 

Watch it here (PS- Don't forget to like and subscribe to Jen's YouTube channel) 

Plus, I collaborated with...

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Peak Signing Agent Podcast with Derek Van Otten

New podcast episode released: If you're a mobile notary and loan signing agent feeling the pinch as mortgage signings slow down after the pandemic surge, you're not alone. Still, even as the market normalizes, more opportunities have been revealed for notary entrepreneurs.

Laura Biewer and I (and Jen Neitzel in spirit) were guests on the Peak Signing Agent podcast with Derek Van Otten and shared about the new adventures in the estate planning field delivering living trust presentations.

Appointments like this have the potential to replace even your most lucrative loan signing months (with no printing expenses!).

You can watch/listen on YouTube, or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts. 


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How to Make an Attorney Prospect List

Making a list of your potential attorney prospects is one of the simplest steps you can take on your journey to work with estate planning professionals.

I call this my Fab 100 list, but you may find with attorney work it’s more of a “Fab 600” list, especially if you’re in a large metropolitan area. Why is this?

Contrary to the loan signing industry where there are only 55,000 or so escrow officers across the country, there are over 216,000 estate planning attorneys in the US, with an estimated 5,000 more graduating every year. That gives you a lot of prospects! If you're in a smaller community, expand your radius out to the surrounding areas. 

Right now, your list doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. Use the internet and online directories to search for estate planning attorneys in your area. Keep in mind that the attorney doesn't necessarily have to have an office in your area in order to have a client in your area.

To make this even easier...

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Legacy & Libations: A Show About Life, Death, and the Beverages That Get Us Through It

estate planning legacy Mar 15, 2023


The Legacy & Libations Call is on Hold at this time. You can still watch the replays and you can still tap into the amazing value at My Life and Wishes.

This is a super chill call/show/training designed to help you progress on your own personal estate planning process. 

Why work so hard to build wealth and a legacy if we don't protect it, right? 

So here's what the call looks like in its first iteration:

We kick off the call with a value-packed conversation (count on some cheesy jokes and dark humor too) between Jon and I, or one of our estate planning attorneys, or a passionate professional from the industry. 

Then, segway to a quick, yet deep, lesson on the My Life & Wishes legacy vault. Part of the reason we're hosting these weekly calls is so you have some support in making progress on your estate planning. This legacy vault keeps all your "stuff" in one, highly secure, digital place. 

We'll then close out each call with a live Q & A where...

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Some Secrets Should NOT Go to the Grave

Special FREE Training Event for Notaries That Will Die Someday

Some Secrets Should NOT Go to the Grave

“No one here gets out alive.”

This remains true since Jim Morrison first sang these words in 1968. 

And yet…

Death often comes as a total surprise. It’s like we never saw it coming. 

While it is true that life is shorter for some than others, the grand majority of us have plenty of time to plan for death’s arrival, we just don’t. 

Whatever the reason for that may be, our refusal to face our mortality ends up hurting the very people we were trying to protect by ignoring it. 

This is an invitation to change that. 

Starting right this minute, let’s make your transition to whatever realm comes next easier for your loved ones. 

And I’m going to make that easier for you too.

Starting today, let’s begin organizing your “stuff” into one secure, online place. 

A digital vault, if you...

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Notaries Needed: The Rise of the Virtual Law Firm

You can listen to the audio of this blog on YouTube Here

Taking my own advice, I started diversifying my own mobile notary work back in Phoenix (before the move to Washington). In the Valley of the Sun, we’ve been insulated from the economic shift (until very recently), as most of my clients are home builders, or specialize in commercial transactions, but I wanted to get ahead of what’s to come. 

I asked myself which appointments I’ve enjoyed most through the years, and which I thought could also be the most lucrative, considering the legislative bindings in the state of Arizona. 

The answer: Living Trust Presentations.

These living trust presentations fall under the more general category of estate planning, but similar to loan signings, you can command a higher, bundled fee because you actually present documents, gather signatures, and perform notarization (if required). 

If you need some training on living trusts, last wills and testaments, powers...

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