Legacy & Libations: A Show About Life, Death, and the Beverages That Get Us Through It

Mar 15, 2023


The Legacy & Libations Call is on Hold at this time. You can still watch the replays and you can still tap into the amazing value at My Life and Wishes.

This is a super chill call/show/training designed to help you progress on your own personal estate planning process. 

Why work so hard to build wealth and a legacy if we don't protect it, right? 

So here's what the call looks like in its first iteration:

We kick off the call with a value-packed conversation (count on some cheesy jokes and dark humor too) between Jon and I, or one of our estate planning attorneys, or a passionate professional from the industry. 

Then, segway to a quick, yet deep, lesson on the My Life & Wishes legacy vault. Part of the reason we're hosting these weekly calls is so you have some support in making progress on your estate planning. This legacy vault keeps all your "stuff" in one, highly secure, digital place. 

We'll then close out each call with a live Q & A where you can ask your questions. 

Bring your favorite evening beverage- coffee, tea, vodka, whiskey-you name it, it's welcome. 

Can't make the live show? Catch the replay on my YouTube channel here.

See you Wednesdays!


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