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The $7 Marketing Plan for Mobile Notaries

Tired of spending money on business “essentials”?

I get it. For such a small, simple business, you can feel nickel and dimed as you’re in start-up mode as a mobile notary.  Luckily, one of the most lucrative marketing campaigns you can implement right now can be done for $7 or less. 

And it’s easy too!

The hardest part is just getting out of your own way and hitting the send button…again and again. 

The 7-Step Marketing Plan for Mobile Notaries

You can start this today, and your total expense, outside of time and energy, is $7 (or less). 


Step One: Get a Domain Name

Invest $1 for the first year of a domain name that matches your brand name, or is similar. Don’t worry, this isn’t for building a website. This is for sending emails only. If you already have a domain name, you can skip to Step Two.

How I Do It: I use GoDaddy for all of my domains. Sometimes they cost more than $1, but there is always a promo or coupon...

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The Notary Client-Getting Formula

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I almost didn’t graduate high school because of two subjects:  Keyboarding and algebra.

Keyboarding, by the way, was still done on a typewriter in 1996 Show Low, Arizona (somehow that was 26 years ago).

I wish I could say my failing grade was because I had some clairvoyant vision that computers were the wave of the future, and typing was obsolete, but that wasn’t it. I just didn’t go to class (and I still can’t type). That was the pitfall of being 18 years old for my senior year: I could sign myself out of school. 

And algebra…

Well let’s just say I disagreed with Mr. Butler’ insistence  that letters of the alphabet should be commingled with numbers to create a math problem (emphasis on problem).

Letters and I got along just fine in English class, geeking-out alone on paper, writing essays and book reports. But throw them in with mathematical equations, and suddenly they act like...

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