The Notary Client-Getting Formula

Dec 14, 2022

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I almost didn’t graduate high school because of two subjects:  Keyboarding and algebra.

Keyboarding, by the way, was still done on a typewriter in 1996 Show Low, Arizona (somehow that was 26 years ago).

I wish I could say my failing grade was because I had some clairvoyant vision that computers were the wave of the future, and typing was obsolete, but that wasn’t it. I just didn’t go to class (and I still can’t type). That was the pitfall of being 18 years old for my senior year: I could sign myself out of school. 

And algebra…

Well let’s just say I disagreed with Mr. Butler’ insistence  that letters of the alphabet should be commingled with numbers to create a math problem (emphasis on problem).

Letters and I got along just fine in English class, geeking-out alone on paper, writing essays and book reports. But throw them in with mathematical equations, and suddenly they act like they don’t know me anymore. The alphabet started treating me like “Mean Girls.”

I could not sit with them anymore. 

At least not in math class. 

Fast forward nearly 30 years and zero college degrees later, and here I am creating the Notary Client-Getting Formula that has both numbers and letters in it. 

Look, Ma’, I’m doing math stuff!  Mr. Butler, eat your heart out. 

I learned the term “client-getting” from my mentor, Ray Edwards. I’ve been using that term for about two years, much to the chagrin of my book editor, Beverly. She’d much prefer I use the term, “client acquisition.” 

She’s right, of course. That’s what makes her a great editor. 

But “client acquisition” is way too stuffy and convoluted for me. I like the term “client-getting” because that’s exactly what we’re setting out to do: get clients. 

So let’s look at five questions you can ask yourself to get more clients. 

The Notary Client-Getting Formula

Get ready, kids. We’re doing some math today. 

(not really, but roll with me here)

Here’s what this looks like:

It’s easy. 

W²(H)+V= $

The sum of; Who, Where, How, & Value, is Revenue. 

W #1- Who is Your Ideal Client? 

Beware the trap, “Everyone is my client!” Sure, as a notary public, it is actually going to be true for most people in the country because they WILL likely need your services at some point in their lives. But adopting that broad definition isn’t going to serve you. 

You’re not going to get more clients trying to appeal to “everyone.”

You have to be specific. Get clear about who you want  to work with. This definition will help inform your marketing efforts, advertisements, events, blogs, and…everything. 

It is not enough to say "attorneys" are your ideal client. What kind of attorneys? Where are they? Who they serve? What do they need? How do they treat you and their clients? What volume do they have? What are they willing to pay you? 

With more clarity comes more clients. 


I have a detailed explanation about how to identify your ideal client in my recent book, The Notary Business Building Challenge (sometimes less than a dollar on Amazon). 

W #2- Where Do Your Clients Hang Out? 

Okay, so now you know WHO you want to work with. Next, we focus on WHERE to find them. 

This is where the invitation to get really creative and think outside the box comes into play. No matter who you have chosen as your ideal client, they congregate somewhere.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover where that somewhere is. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Online groups and communities like Facebook, LinkedIn, Circle, Mighty Networks, MeetUp, and others. 
  • Live conferences, workshops, seminars, and retreats.
  • Associations, clubs, corporate or non-profit boards, etc.
  • Local networking groups, service organizations (like Rotary, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, etc).

It will blow your mind how many different, and highly specific, events exist. Hospital administrators have their own events. Specialized attorneys have their own events. Small car dealership owners have their own events. 

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, get connected to other companies that market to the same clients you want. Every industry has other brands, companies, and innovators providing value and service to that industry. Get on their list. See what’s hot for that industry. What are the buzzwords they are using? Where’s the next conference? 

All of this will help you be a better connector and get more clients. 

H- How Do You Get Closer to Your Client? 

Remember in elementary school, when you were assigned a seat on the first day. Who became your best friend? Likely someone sitting close to you. 

Your goal is to “sit close” to as many of your ideal customers as possible. 

And, just like back in the school days, you’ll hit it off with some, and not so much with others (remember the Mean Girls?). 

Getting in the orbit of your customer gets a lot easier after the previous two W’s, right? 

You know exactly WHO you want to work with and you have a pretty good idea of WHERE to find them.

Now your ‘H’ is to be in their orbit, within arms reach of a connection or relationship. Those deeper connections don't happen from the couch. You have to be in the arena. 

But HOW can you get closer in the arena?

Here are a few ways you can do that.

  • Simply follow them on social media. 

This is the most passive way to get in their orbit. Look for ways to support and opportunities to engage. When appropriate, or relevant, like, comment (thoughtfully), and even share their content in your own feeds.  

  • Join an online community with them. 

And then, sit back and observe, hunting for ways to add value to group conversations. Do NOT just jump in and start hawking your services. Find ways to help members of the online community through information, resources, referrals, stories of your experience, etc. 

  • Start your own targeted online community or group. 

This is done best when it’s not so “on the nose,” like, say,  “Probate Attorneys Who Need Notaries.” 

A better approach could be, ‘Elder Care Support Professionals Group.’

 You’ll get a mix of membership which will make the group powerful and valuable to the members, and it will give you direct access to them. You will be an authority figure in your space, simply by being a thoughtful administrator of a group they see value in.  

  • Attend one or more of the LIVE events you have identified for client-getting. 

In fact, attending five of these events each year will likely give you more clients than you can handle.

Sub-note: Attending versus participating versus optimizing are all different things. If you’re going to attend, you might as well participate. And if you’re going to participate, you might as well optimize every opportunity. 

  • Sponsor an Event.

The next level to attending those client-getting events is to help sponsor one or more of them. Get a table, booth, ad, or whatever your budget and brand can handle. 

  • Be a Speaker. 

And the next level to sponsoring those client-getting events? Being a speaker or presenter at them. Many of these event planners struggle to find relevant topics and dynamic speakers. This is a powerful way to bring value and establish you as the expert in your city. 

V- Add In Your Value

As a notary public you have to think bigger than your stamp when it comes to your value. Think about it: What do you bring to the table? 

Notary stamp? Sure. 

Mobile convenience? Yep, for sure-this is a huge one. You want to work with people who value their time over money-that's the convenience economy. 


What about all the extra training you take to not just be another mediocre notary, but to be an extraordinary notary? 

What about all the characteristics you have that help mold your personality? Your attention to detail. Your organization skills. Your outstanding grammar and spelling. Even your sense of humor. 

Your ideal clients want to work with people they know, like, and trust. This level of relationship happens when you dominate the four pillars:

  • Pillar One: Competence- the ability to get the job done right. 
  • Pillar Two: Confidence- Demonstrating those abilities as a professional. 
  • Pillar Three: Integrity- Knowing exactly what you can do, and what you can’t do, and honoring those boundaries. I shared a vlog about six practices of integrity that can help you develop this skill here
  • Pillar Four: Likeability- Being interested in others, being interesting to others, and taking 100% responsibility for your emotional wake. 

This winning formula of knowing who your ideal client is, where they congregate, how to get into their orbit, and providing undeniable value, equals more revenue for your business. 

W²(H)+V= $

I don’t think this is what Mr. Butler had in mind as he etched his algebraic hieroglyphs on the chalkboard, but the formula works nonetheless. 

If you want more appointments, you have to hang around with more people that will hire you for those appointments, and constantly bring value to those relationships. 

It’s not rocket science. 

It’s just the Notary Client-Getting Formula.

Please let me know what you think of the formula, math in general, or what you'll do next to get more clients, in the comments below.   

Bill Soroka teaches a Prolific Content Creation Course in the Notary Business Builder advanced mastermind program. He is also the best selling author of three books (and counting) designed to help notaries build their dream business. 

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