NBB Declares Independence From TOMM- Great News for Notaries!

Jun 29, 2023

The world’s largest advanced-level notary collaboration just became more accessible than ever before. 

Listening to feedback from notaries across the country, me and my fellow founders of the Notary Business Builder learning community (NBB), Laura Biewer and Jennifer Neitzel, have officially made the advanced mastermind program available separate from the TOMM app by Notary Coach. 

What does this mean for notaries who want training and support? 

It means you can gain access to some of the best teachers in the industry, as well as their online courses & technology, and their live teaching classes every month for a fraction of the original cost of membership. 

You can now purchase NBB and TOMM separately! And even if you decide to buy them both, it still costs less than before. In fact, the Standard version of TOMM (the only app that helps notaries get new customers) is FREE! You can get TOMM here. And if/when you’re ready, you can easily upgrade through the app. More on TOMM later!

Back to NBB…

Have You Been Afraid of Losing Your Notary Business? 

If you fear your phones will go quiet with the rising interest rates, and you’re afraid you may have to quit this business and go get a job again, then you finally have the support, training, and technology to get serious about building a notary business that will survive beyond loan signings. There’s never been a better time to be a notary public!

The Best Notary Training in the World. 

Here’s what you get with an NBB membership (hold on tight, there’s a LOT!): 

First, NBB is the only advanced learning program of its kind with a faculty of collaborators that are committed to helping you become better notaries and stronger entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to help you serve more customers, make more money, and build a business that will thrive no matter what the mortgage industry is doing. 

Our faculty is active in the program, not just granting you access to their online courses and technology, but also teaching new content and material every single month. This keeps your skills and training relevant for a constantly changing work environment. 

Meet the Faculty of Notary Business Builder (NBB):

NBB features ten top notary coaches, notary trainers, and other industry experts that will help you grow your notary business to dream levels. These instructors will help you get more clients, make more money, and feel supported and part of a loving community. 

  • Bill Soroka, founder of Notary Coach and four-time bestselling author 
  • Laura Biewer, founder of CoachMeLaura, bestselling author, and notary expert in all fifty states
  • Jennifer Neitzel, founder of Signing Agent Marketing (SAM), and professional relationship development expert
  • Judi Lawrence, founder of the Lawrence Institute For Notaries and creator of the World of Apostilles course and certification program
  • Jim Allen, the Marketing Notary and Google Business Profile Optimization expert and teacher
  • Sandra Long, global expert on LinkedIn and author of the book, “LinkedIn For Personal Branding”, and co-author of “Supercharge Your Notary Business with LinkedIn” written with Bill Soroka
  • Nina Penny, leading Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, loan officer, and co-creator of the Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional (CRMSP) program
  • Zion Brock, recovering aerospace engineer, recording artist, producer, and expert in online content creation, automation, and distribution
  • Tyler Botsford, founder of Green Monkey Marketing, VRConnect, the Front Page: SEO for Notaries course, and a digital marketing expert
  • Sue Hope, founder of NotaryAssist, and expert in notary business management

This is a different kind of community than you might be used to. These incredible faculty members aren’t simply tacking their name up on a website. They are committed to your success and they actively participate in the Notary Business Builder program, which makes them accessible to you in many ways every month. 

You can text, email, or even set up coaching calls with many of these faculty members. But even better, they all teach regular masterclasses on their expertise every month.

The Live Teaching Calls and Notary Training Included with NBB

Depending on the month, there could be up to twenty live teaching calls offered through the Notary Business Builder program. Don’t worry! You’re not expected to attend all twenty calls! In fact, you should not attend every call. We record them, so you can revisit a particular training when you’re ready for it. 

In NBB, we teach that you should “nail it, then scale it.” That means you get to decide what is most important for your business at the time, and then let the NBB teachers and resources support you until you get the results you want. 

Then move on to your next goal or objective. 

How to Get More Notary Customers

In Notary Business Builder, we have everything you need to succeed. But let’s be real, 99% of notary entrepreneurs don’t have the results they’ve been craving. They need more clients, more revenue, and more confidence. 

That’s where our NBB teaching calls come in. 

We know that your customers only come from two places: Online visibility and your professional/personal relationships. 

So, that’s where most of our NBB members will start. To help you get more notary customers through relationships, we feature a monthly teaching call with Jen Neitzel and Bill Soroka, called Building Authentic Relationships (we call it the BAR call), where we get granular on the specific characteristics, tactics, and skills to connect on a deeper level and grow influence within your network and your client base. 

But relationships are only half the equation. Your online visibility is equally (if not moreso) important for getting that phone to ring & ding with local prospective customers. This is why we have THREE search engine optimization (SEO) experts on the faculty of Notary Business Builder. 

  • Jim Allen, the Marketing Notary, runs a continuous five-week in-depth NBB Google Biz Profile Optimization Course exclusively for members of Notary Business Builder, focused on GBP and local SEO.
  • Tyler Botsford, our digital marketing expert, runs a monthly training called SEO for Notaries and teaches granular strategies for enhancing your overall online visibility. 
  • Zion Brock is an automation and content distribution genius, and teaches a monthly class called, Harnessing Content Creation to Get Known, focusing on blogs, social media posts, graphic design, AI, and even video production.

Everything that could enhance your online visibility is available to you, along with the experts that can further guide you to success. 

These four calls alone will change your business forever, but of course, we didn’t stop there. 

Try NBB Risk-Free

If your mind is blown (or your eyes are tired from all this reading), and you want to just join NBB already, use the link below and try us for a month. You can cancel anytime and we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you cancel your first month within thirty days. No questions asked!

Join NBB 

Catch the next training by joining today!

There are NBB Teaching calls taking place every week! All training sessions are recorded and stored in a special Training and Replay archive. 

Even More Notary Training Opportunities

So what happens when you implement what you learn from Jen, Bill, Jim, Tyler, and Zion? 

The phone starts to ring and you get more chances to build client relationships and masterfully deliver the notary services you’ve been hired for. 

That’s why we continue your notary education in NBB. 

Laura Biewer, often referred to as the G.O.A.T of the notary world, will help you focus on mastery with three different teaching calls every month:

  • Advanced Specialty Notary Work training, focused on issues, strategies, and skills involved in growing your enterprise beyond loan signings.
  • The Success Mindset call helps get your internal dialogue and habits aligned with the results you are striving to create with your business. 
  • And Laura’s latest call, created to complement the all new Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent program, is called Trust Delivery Conversations, and features specific training and attorney interviews about the estate planning world. 

What About Training on Branding and Marketing for Notaries?

The live teaching calls included with your NBB membership have you covered here too. 

Jen Neitzel leads the Marketing Matters every month with a Q & A format so you can hear about the challenges and the creative solutions notaries all over the country are utilizing to grow their business. 

That’s what is so amazing about NBB: We share information with each other. 

It’s not just the faculty that are committed to your success, but your fellow members too. We’re abundant thinkers and we know that helping each other succeed doesn’t create competition. It creates collaboration. 

And that’s how we change the world and make some dreams come true. 

Sandra Long is one of the world’s foremost leaders and speakers on the LinkedIn platform, and in particular, how to leverage it for personal branding. Not only has she written the book on the subject, but she’s dialed-in to the notary community with Bill, co-authoring Supercharge Your Notary Business with LinkedIn. She teaches LinkedIn For Notaries every month and dives deep on specific topics that will help you enhance your brand on LinkedIn and connect with more of your ideal customers. 

This is incredibly important if you’re working with estate planning attorneys and other professionals beyond loan signings. 

Nina Penny keeps your finger on the pulse of the reverse mortgage industry with her Reverse Mortgage Continuing Education call every week (Her certification course is also included in NBB-more on that later).

What About Connection and Support in Notary Business Builder?

This is where the power of a mastermind community like NBB really shines. 

There are three weekly calls specifically for connection, questions, and perspective (although every NBB call provides space for that). 

Every Tuesday, the NBB Accountability Call is specifically structured to share goals, wins, & challenges in a supportive, well-coached format. Laura, Jen, and Bill lead this call together and it’s closed out each week with a specific call for support. 

Do you know how to answer the question, “How can I support you in your business right now?” This call helps you gain clarity so you can offer the gift of contribution to your network. It feels good to give, and if you constantly deny your network the opportunity to give, it closes off paths to deeper connection. Our Accountability Call will move you toward being more comfortable both asking AND answering the call for support. 

On Wednesdays (except the last Wednesday), Bill leads his Office Hours call and provides a safe space to ask questions, hear perspective, and celebrate wins-the big ones, the small ones, and everything in between. 

And on Saturday mornings, Laura hosts her Inner Circle for an intimate group of twenty notaries or so to dig deeper on specific topics surrounding technical notary skills and beyond. 

If there’s one thing that me, Laura, and Jen are committed to, it’s delivering more value than you’ll ever pay for. 

So we didn’t stop there. 

Mentioned earlier, NBB members can email and text our faculty with questions. And, many of our teachers are available for one-on-one coaching calls booked in advance. 

We also created a comprehensive directory of NBB members so you can reach out to your  high-performing peers. 

Gotary is the directory of the world’s best notaries. 

And we include a premium profile listing to Gotary with your NBB membership. We went over-the-top in Search Engine Optimization of this directory, and NBB members reap the rewards because it’s easier for legal professionals to find them here. 

Gotary is also broadcasted and marketed to the legal professional community as a trusted source for well-trained and passionate notaries. 

We’re committed to your success and we’re doing everything possible to help grow your business with you!

What’s cooler than that?

Well, I'll tell you what is cooler than that. Many of our NBB members are doing more than simple notarizations. They’re innovators and true entrepreneurs that see a need in the marketplace and work to provide a solution. 

In Notary Business Builder, we want to support all your endeavors, not just the ones that fit into the notary box. That’s why we started the Innovator Spotlight, a marketplace for NBB members to showcase their courses, books, and products that aim to elevate the industry and beyond (releases summer 2023). 

And Notary Bookkeeping Too?

In survey after survey, guess what over 53% of entrepreneurs despise doing…

Yep, accounting and bookkeeping! 

Okay, we know some people love bookkeeping (nerds 🙂), but for most solo-preneurs, especially, it’s overwhelming or tedious so they put it off, and it builds up, creating stress not just at tax time, but throughout the year because it weighs on your mind. You know you should be keeping up with it, but you don’t. 

Then you spend 364 days ‘shoulding’ all over yourself and then pull an all-nighter in panic mode submitting your tax forms. 

What if you could stay on top of bookkeeping throughout the year, quickly and easily, AND have all the support you need to get your questions answered? 

It will amaze you at what you accomplish with a free mind. Without the weight of a tax burden and pile of receipts on your mind, you can focus deeply on income-generating activities, cultivating relationships, or spending more time with the people you love doing the things that you love. 

Make business ownership fun again!

That’s why we’ve included the NotaryAssist bookkeeping software and support in your NBB membership.

Free your mind, and the cash will follow!

Look! These Online Courses Are Also Included in Notary Business Builder:

There’s even more courses available in your NBB Dashboard and you can access these anytime you need them. Use our course app (powered by Kajabi) to access courses on the fly!

All Included in NBB:

  • Real World Notary Training Replay Library (all avail states) with Laura Biewer ($2497 value)
  • World of Apostille Certification Program from Judi Lawrence (Yellow Level, $499 value)
  • The Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community by Bill Soroka ($497 value)
  • The LinkedIn Professional Profile course with Sandra Long ($397 value)
  • First Page SEO for Notaries course with Tyler Botsford ($297 value)
  • The Get Known Strategy course with Zion Brock ($197 value)
  • Signing Agent Marketing program and membership with Jen Neitzel ($240+ value)
  • The Certified Reverse Mortgage Signing Professional program with Nina Penny ($197 value)
  • Morning Mastery for Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents with Bill Soroka ($147 value)
  • “Laura Biewer Presents”…Specialty Notary Work Training and Replay Library ($127 value)
  • The Five Star Notary Review-Getting Guru Course with Bill Soroka ($97 value)

That’s over $5,000 in courses alone! Not to mention the live teaching calls every month and the NotaryAssist software we mentioned earlier. 

I know this sounds like a crazy amount of value.

It’s never been done before, and that’s part of the very reason we had to do it right now. It’s going to take a little bit of crazy to create the results you’ve always dreamed about for this business.

Everything You Need to Succeed as a Mobile Notary and Credentialed Professional

So there you have it. 

  • Over $5,000 in online notary training courses. 
  • Direct access to the best trainers in the country.
  • 20 live-virtual teaching/connection opportunities every month
  • The support & abundant-thinking community you’ve been craving
  • A faculty that works for your business and success as hard or harder than you do
  • NotaryAssist bookkeeping to stay on top of your game
  • Premium profile listing on Gotary so hiring companies can find you

This and more is what makes Notary Business Builder the easiest decision you have to make right now. 

Get immediate access right now for $58 per month. 

Let Me In! Join NBB Now

The Independence Day Special starts now. 

For a limited time, you’ll also receive a one year Basic Membership to CLIN, the California League of Independent Notaries, led by Matt Miller. In addition to Matt’s great content and access to his advocacy news and advice, you’ll receive a listing on his directory of members, which is also a powerful marketing tool for your online visibility. 

That’s another $29 in value just for taking action today! 

Join NBB Here

There’s no risk. 

Look, we know this level of value isn’t for everyone. 

Most people are so used to “fluff” offers with a hidden catch, that this offer to join NBB might seem totally unrealistic. 

We get it. 

We’ve surprised ourselves with this one too. 

$58 a month for ALL of these inclusions borders on insanity. But before they strap us into a vest and lock us in a padded room, try us out. 

You can cancel your subscription anytime (and we make it easy to do so!).

Plus, if you join and just completely hate it, we’ll give you your money back (just cancel in the first 30 days). 

Are you ready to believe in the possibilities again? 

Join NBB with Zero Risk

To be successful as a mobile notary, it does NOT require that refinance signings are falling from the sky because of unprecedented low interest rates. 

There are still nearly a billion documents notarized every year (and growing) outside of the mortgage industry. 

Let us show you the full spectrum of possibilities in Notary Business Builder. Sometimes just one idea, one skill, or one person, can change everything. 

We get to do that everyday in NBB!

This is one of the longest emails/blogs I’ve ever written, so I hope I answered most of your questions about NBB. We’re really proud of the results this program brings to our members. Some of those results are less tangible, because they’re about feelings, emotions, and confidence. But that’s an important part of a great program, even if you can’t add a dollar figure to it. 

If you have any questions about how NBB could help you, I invite you to text me directly at 602-309-0706. Thank you for your patience in advance, as that is my direct mobile number and I may be in appointments and meetings throughout the day. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. I love to know who I am talking to. 

I look forward to getting to know you in NBB!



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