Creating Lifetime Customers is affordable

Your customers need a notary WHEN they need a notary. To be of service to them, you've got to stay in touch, deliver value, show gratitude, and keep yourself Top Of Mind. 

TOMM can help you do that easily and efficiently. 

TOMM Now Available in the Notary Business Builder Program Only. 


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Take your business to the next level

Watch this video from TOMM founder, and fellow Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent, Bill Soroka


Capture Customer Information

With the TOMM smartphone app, you can quickly add customers to your database right at the signing table, or in your car after the appointment.

Easily stay in touch and provide more value

Using customizable email sequences, you can automate consistent content to your database. In addition, you can also broadcast emails, blogs, and promotions.

increase revenue and deepen relationships

People work with who they know, like, and trust. By staying in touch with your clients after you've served them once, you give them the opportunity to work with you again.

The Fortune is in the follow up

With just a few clicks on your phone, you can add a new contact and trigger an email sequence that will earn you a customer for life. Congratulations, you're a Next Level Notary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Absolutely! Right now, all this requires is downloading your contacts from your current CRM into a spreadhseet, and then uploading those back into TOMM. We have an instructional video inside of TOMM, and if you have any technical questions on how to do this, you can reach support at [email protected]

Yes! TOMM has an incredibly user-friendly smartphone app (directions for download upon purchase). And, there is a desktop version for those times you want a bigger workspace. 

One of the keys to financial independence is having multiple streams of revenue. So, yes! TOMM has been designed to support your different revenue streams and customers; insurance, wedding officiant, fingerprinting-you name it!

Right now, TOMM does not pull, or "push," info to other programs automatically. It's relatively easy to download your contacts from your bookkeeping app, and then upload those to TOMM. It just has to be done manually right now. We are working on some automation for this!

Great question! TOMM really can be a full service communication tool for you and your business. You'll be able to send text messages, resources, and other messages too. All the ways you currently connect with your customers can be facilitated through TOMM. Facebook, Instagram, text, email-nearly all!

I love this question. We've all been there- investing in courses or products that we know we should be using, but for one reason or another we don't. 

That's part of why it has taken so long to develop TOMM. It had to be easy to use. So easy, we could add a name and contact info right at the closing table, or in the car after an appointment. 

That's what we have with TOMM! Plus, so much more. 

We offer a weekly training call where we review a particular feature and show you how to use it. All of these are recorded so you can watch them any time you want. 

Plus, we have a private Facebook group of other TOMM users where we share information and strategies for connection. 

And, you have two levels of support. On the technical side, our collaborator on TOMM, Rapid Funnel, can be reached at [email protected] and for value and connection strategies, you have the Notary Coach team, at [email protected].

Finally, in the "Coaching" section of the TOMM app and desktop, there are training modules to walk you through different functions, as well as strategy for connection. 

The team at Rapid Funnel, our collaborator on the TOMM project, will set you up as an actual Admin on your account. This allows you full functionality within the program, so you can customize as you wish. They usually have your account set up within two business days (excludes weekends). 

Look How Easy It Is to Add a Contact with TOMM!

You can add a contact in just a few seconds, while you're at the signing table, or on the fly after the appointment.


Assign an Email Campaign Sequence with One Tap of Your Finger

We're here with you all the way. We include one 12-month email campaign that you can customize to your state and preferences. Plus, we include ongoing weekly training and support for creating additional campaigns.


Ongoing Training & Support

Within TOMM, there are several modules to help dial in your message and value so you can grow your network and grow your business. Plus, we offer a weekly training and support Zoom call!


free webinar replay: create a business that thrives in any economy!

In good times, and in bad times, your notary services are needed. Having a tool that keeps you in touch with your customers through it all is how trusting relationships are developed.


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