How Can I Find More Companies That Will Hire Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents?

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Hi everybody. This is Bill Soroka, founder of and the Sign and Thrive Notary Training Course and Community. We are wrapping up another crazy busy end of month here in September. I hope it's as busy for you as it is for so many across the country.

Today on the Friday FAQ video, I'm going to talk about how you can find more companies that are going to hire you as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. This is probably one of the single most popular questions that I get asked via email or on the mentor coaching calls that I offer. Plus, you'll see it all over the comments on the YouTube channel as well.

'How do I find these companies that hire us?'.

I'm going to give you the most comprehensive list of signing companies at the end of this video. These are vetted companies that are high quality. They hire us every single day to facilitate loan signing appointments and even other types of appointments. But there are some pre-requisites that you must have in place before you just jump in and start utilizing that list. Because knowing who needs your services doesn't matter much if you're not prepared to be of service to them.

How can you be prepared to be of service?

Number one, get your training and implement your training. What I mean by that is get into it and do your deliberate practice. You know, many times you'll step right into signings and you'll just start and your phone will start ringing and dinging and you're getting deliberate practice. Use every signing as a practice to get better and better at this.

If you're not getting signings yet, then practice signings! If you don't have a practice package yet, jump into a course that should be part of your training so you have that stack of papers and practice with a mirror, with a buddy, with a kid, with a spouse, whatever it is, and start practicing your script and moving some paper across the table.

Number two, this probably goes without saying, but you're going to want to get your Signing Agent certification from the National Notary Association. ( Why is that important?

Because - number three, you're going to optimize your online profiles and when you are a certified loan signing agent with the National Notary Association, you get a free profile on signing that's a real directory that escrow officers and signing companies use to find people like you and I. So super important to do that.

Plus - there are the three other major directories that you want to make sure that you have an optimized profile in. Make it look professional! Show some personality! Show that you might be interested in doing business with people.

Number four, have a website - and what I mean by website is you can go out and you can pay someone to do it. Or - you can create your own on You can just use a single page anywhere. Use Google pages, use your Facebook business page, use a LinkedIn profile with a custom domain. It's okay. No matter what that is, just have something that proves that you take this business seriously.

Finally, number five, be ready for YES. I talk a lot about this in my morning mastery and my 'Daily Do's'. What does that mean though? Be ready for YES?

Here's the rest. So you want to have a digital presence, which we just talked about. That's real important, but here's the rest of being ready for YES. In addition to having that digital presence optimized or professionalized ...

Number one, have your office set up, have your business cards printed, have your stamp and your journal in hand ready to go. Have your pens - have all the materials that you need to transact business in your possession and ready to go.

One of the most important factors - have a printer and a back up printing option in place and ready to go.

Number two, wake up, dress up, be ready for appointments no matter what. Even if you don't have appointments scheduled that morning or that day, wake up and get ready because when that phone rings, you're going to need to go - and they don't have time to wait for you to shower and get ready or to stop running your errands so you can run home and change out of your sweats into your professional attire.

Wake up, dress up.

And number three. This is the big one, and I talk about it all the time, but it's so critically important and it's one of the most common complaints that we get:

Answer your phone, texts and emails! All the marketing and advertising and preparedness in the world won't matter because if you don't answer your phone. If customers can't get ahold of you, nothing else matters.

And finally, always provide more service than you've been paid for.

Go above and beyond with a commitment to win-win relationships, and always keep your eye on that bigger picture in the longterm relationship. It's really important that you step out of the transactional experience that we're kind of used to - even in the notary world - that's kind of the way things have been designed and trained - but if you want extraordinary results, we have to step out of that.

Every customer could be a customer for life, so you've got to understand and wrap your head around the lifetime value of that customer. It's not about the $6 for this paperwork or the $10 or $15 or whatever it is. It's about the lifetime value of that customer and what value you bring to their lives and the value they bring to your life.

Now, once you're ready for that, Carrie Rivera has an incredible online community and resource that can help you get more loan signings and more signing appointments in general.

The website is - I'll post a link here in just a couple minutes. If you're watching the replay, you'll have the link with no problem. Carrie is highly protective of this community and she only lets in qualify professional loan signing agents or mobile notaries. There's actually an application process and an annual fee to be part of that community. The annual fee is very reasonable. It's somewhere around $50 and that's for the entire year. But because there's an application process, that means that you could be denied. But if you take my advice from the first half of this video, you should get accepted with no problem - because that proves that you're in this and you are a professional.

Now as part of that community - signing agents from around the country - from every state - they collaborate and they share this list of over 500 hiring companies: all of the contact information, their websites, owner information, lawsuits against them, and even more information is included on that list.

Now, the best part and the most valuable part I find with this is that these companies have actually been reviewed by your signing agent peers, and those other signing agents in that community. So you're going to know which companies are amazing to work with - those four and five star companies, and then you're going to know which companies to avoid all together - the little one star companies. There's nothing else like this in the industry.

If you're going to invest anywhere, invest in that community and access to that list. If you're struggling to find more appointments, this is the list of companies that hire people like you and I every single day. It's going to help alleviate that.

Remember when you joined this community too? Remember your commitment to win-win! Communities like exist and thrive because it's a two way street. Don't just be the silent observer of the community. Take advantage of all the efforts of those around you. Participate, share your experience, and help Carrie's list continue to grow and help others. That's why we're in this business! Service! And if you help enough people get what they want, you'll definitely get what you need.

Now guys, if I can help you out any further, please don't hesitate to book a free mentor call with me. You can do that in the upper right hand corner of my website at

If you'd like to download the complete list of 'Daily Do's' from the website, you can do that too. Those are the Daily Do's - that checklist of items that I did to scale my business from making $1,000 a month to making $20,000 a month. You can visit the blog at or just click the link - should be right over here - if you're already on the blog. That's all I've got for you today, guys.

My name is Bill Soroka, founder of

Have a great weekend.

xxx - Bill



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