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Welcome to the world of Beyond Loan Signings: How to Monetize Your Notary Commission with Specialty Work. Penned by two renowned experts in the field, Laura Biewer and Bill Soroka, this groundbreaking book is the guiding light you need to navigate your career as a mobile notary and loan signing agent - even when the waters get rough.

In this comprehensive guide, Biewer and Soroka take you beyond the realm of standard loan signings and reveal a multitude of untapped specialties, offering unique opportunities for your notary commission. From conducting signings in medical and assisted living facilities to navigating the nuances of correctional facilities and bail bond situations, you'll discover a world of niches within your reach.

The book's second part unearths more specialties not requiring a notary commission. Have you ever considered becoming an Apostille Agent? How about offering fingerprinting services, or becoming a field inspector or a wedding officiant? The possibilities to diversify and secure your income are numerous and waiting for you to explore them.

But Beyond Loan Signings doesn't stop at just helping you discover these specialties. The book also guides you on building a lasting, sustainable business. From understanding the "Dollars and Sense" of your venture to mastering the art of getting and retaining lifelong customers, Biewer and Soroka share their expert advice, accumulated over years of first-hand experience in the industry.

Beyond Loan Signings: How to Monetize Your Notary Commission with Specialty Work is more than just a business development book. It's a beacon of hope, a collection of concrete strategies, and a promise of a dream life and business that you can achieve. All you need to do is take the first step.

Ready to carve your path in the notary world? Join us, and let's make your dreams come true.

Meet the Authors


Laura Biewer

Laura Biewer has been an active California notary since 2004 and is the founder of CoachMeLaura. She has over seventeen years of training and coaching experience she loves to share with notaries all over the country. Her passion is helping other aspiring busi-ness owners under the notary umbrella to become confident and competent on their journey to mastery—both as a notary and as a business owner.

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Bill Soroka

Through his TOMM app by Notary Coach and the advanced learning mastermind, Notary Business Builder, Bill Soroka is on a mission to help the most committed notaries in the country each serve one thousand more customers this year, impacting more lives, generating more revenue, and building a business that lasts no matter what. 

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