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Secure your future and build a thriving business helping the public and estate planning professionals deliver and execute living trust documents

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More Customers

Help MORE people when they need you most. Trust Delivery Agents present and notarize some of the most important paperwork in people's lives. 

More Money

Presenting living trust packages is a bundled service that often commands higher fees than standard GNW or loan signing appointments. 

Less Hassle

Imagine a world with no signing services, no printing, and fully prepped clients that appreciate your time, expertise, and personality. 

"I am excited for what this certification training is going to offer to the notary community! It was well executed and looks very professional."

New Trust Delivery Agent

The Most Comprehensive Estate Planning Training for Notaries in the Industry

This groundbreaking training will guide you to the next phase of your notary career, as a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent (CNTDA). A Trust Delivery Agent is a credentialed notary that has undergone advanced training and testing to better serve the public and estate planning professionals in the skillful presentation and execution of trust documents.

Module One: The Notary Trust Delivery Agent Opportunity

Estate planning is on more American minds than ever, and there over 200,000 specialized attorneys eager to serve them (and hire you to help).

Module Two: How to Get Trust Delivery Clients

We show you exactly how to use your certification to build relationships with professionals that can hire you as a trust delivery agent, plus we show you how to help the public.

Module Three: Signing Table Mastery (Documents, Rapport, and More)

You'll love the practice documents we provide, along with exact scripts on how to briefly describe them. Full mock signing provided!

Module Four: Industry Ethics

This unified code serves as a base for the professional conduct of all Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agents, outlining the ethical framework that guides their services and business practices.

A. H. 

Another GREAT lesson here! I'm starting to feel that I finally found my notary niche.

G. G. S.

I am glad I found this program. Can't wait to get started. The instructors are amazing and they truly care about their students. They are always there to help you on your journey to success. Another game changer!

K. D. 

Thank you for creating this course!

Frequently Asked Questions About the CNTDA Program

Attorney Advisory Board

We wanted to build a program that created graduates that estate planning professionals would be confident to hire for their trust delivery work. That's why we worked with a team of attorneys and paralegals to construct the Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent program. Now, through our directory partner, Gotary, estate planning professionals find and hire our graduates. 

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One-time Certification

The cost of the CNTDA program is a one-time investment. Once certified, after taking the course and passing the exam, you are certified for the duration of your notary career. Unlike many certification programs, we offer detailed business development strategies that help you identify and connect with your ideal clients so you can build a business that thrives.

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No More Reliance on the Housing Market

Break free of the cyclical reliance on mortgage interest rates and home sales. There is an estimated 100+ million Americans without an estate plan, that need an estate plan, no matter what the economy is doing. 

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