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"Bill is very thorough in teaching you how to build a business as a loan signing agent. I read his book twice and paid for his monthly subscription, which is very easy to learn and work on this business I your spare time. I only spent about $1k to begin and it was pretty easy to make back, although I have invested in a few more things and will continue to as I go on. I believe it’s one of the easiest businesses to get into if you have a clean background and you are willing to follow instructions, whether it be the person you are learning from or the person you hired you, you will be successful. I wish you the best"


"Bill's advice is the meat-and-potatoes in the Notary meal of the information world. The gravy is my favorite. It flows well & the seasoned sauce is always great!"


"Terrific, well written guide to successfully setting up your own business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. Bill goes through, step by step, the five phases that you need to take in order to establish your budding business and scale it for your idea of success, whether that is a part-time extra couple of thousand a month all the way to the sky’s the limit six-figure income of your dreams. He shows you exactly how to take the income you want and “back” into it to figure out exactly how many signings you need to take on a week to reach your own personal goals. Chock full of MacGyver Notary tips and alternative ideas to help those starting out on a budget. This book is both a gem and a precise roadmap to notary success!"


"I wish I had this book when I first started. It's packed with everything you need to be confident and prepared. Bill is an awesome teacher. Thanks Bill you inspire me to want more!"


"I wish I would have bought this book sooner. So many mistakes in the field could have been avoided. This is a must read book for new signing agents! So many tips and resources. Highly recommend."


Insights Bundle from the National Notary Association

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NSA Success and Growth Bundle from the National Notary Association

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Yearn to grow your NSA business? Set your plans in motion with strategies, insights, and tools to make your dreams come true. Learn tried-and-true methods for growing a start-up Notary Signing Agent business while armed with the resources to conduct any loan signing successfully. Click the image below to buy direct from the NNA.

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