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Marketing Prowess: 13 Musts For Notaries


As a mobile notary you run an old fashioned business in modern times. Gaining customers comes down to two overarching strategies: Optimizing online visibility and leveraging your network of relationships. 


That’s it. 


Don’t overcomplicate it and don’t sit back and wait for the latest widget to fix it. 


If you want to build a business that will thrive, regardless of mortgage interest rates, commit to learning marketing techniques that eliminate concern. 


For Online Visibility Learn About…


  • Standardizing your profile for as many online directories as you can. Include LinkedIn as your “Master Profile” that is used to fill all others. 
  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile. It’s free. It’s easy. No excuses. 
  • Creating (or paying someone else to) a website that is mobile friendly, SEO’d, and easy for customers to hire you from. 
  • Capturing email addresses....
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Giving Feedback Is A Superpower


The ability to give feedback that supports positive outcomes and allows for the preservation of relationships is a skill that should be regarded as a superpower. 

The challenge is that most people who request feedback ask the wrong people and in the wrong way. 

And most people who give feedback aren’t the ones who should, and then they offer what I call “fluffy feedback” anyway. 

It does no one any good and it’s a waste of time. 


How to Ask for Feedback


First, ask the right person. Seek someone who has the results you want or who has experienced something similar to what it is you want feedback on. 

There’s a big difference between opinions and good counsel. 

For example, don’t show your travel itinerary for Switzerland to your mom who's never left her hometown and ask for her insights and feedback. 

In business, don’t ask for feedback on your website from those who don’t have a ...

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Four Books That Helped Me Embrace Networking (Even as an Introvert)

It’s weird being an introvert that loves people. 

Especially as a business owner. 

I’ve struggled my whole adult life with the idea of networking. I knew it was important, so I’d sign up for all kinds of networking events, fully intending to attend, but then…

IF I even left my house at all, I’d circle the block or sit in the parking lot obsessing about what to say, where to stand, or whether I’d fit in. I had to give myself a pep talk to actually walk in the door. 

Sometimes I’d actually go in. 

But mostly I didn’t. I wasn’t very good at pep talks back then. 

I would get physically sick to my stomach. I even threw up in the parking lot a few times. 

Then I’d wipe my mouth, pat myself on the back, turn around and go home. 

“At least I tried,” I’d say. 

But I needed to move through that networking anguish. I knew I liked people. This anxiety wasn’t about them,...

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Funny Notary: How Humor Helps Build Relationships

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Earlier this year, in an effort to funnel my Soroka family somewhat-sense of humor toward something more constructive than sarcasm and cheesy dad jokes, I attended an online comedic writing workshop with 12-15 instructors from around the country.

I don't know about you, but when I hear "Comedic Writing Workshop," I'm anticipating a few laughs throughout the day, no?

Guess how many presenters made me (or anyone) laugh. 


One teacher got the assignment right. 

And I liked her immediately. 

That's the power of humor. It brings people together whether they're thousands of miles from each other, or simply sitting across the signing table. 

Using humor to cultivate relationships with your clients in a service-based business, like as a notary public, can be a powerful tool for building trust, establishing rapport, and ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are some key benefits...

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What To Do When You’ve Lost Touch With Your Clients

You can listen to this blog on YouTube here

One of the many gifts we have as we work our mobile notary and loan signing business is meeting incredible people. Still, when I first started out, I was terrified of the kind of people I would meet. Were they angry? Sad? Mean? 

Turns out, very few of them were any of those. And my friend Bobbi Illing said it best anyway, “You can like anyone for an hour.”

For the most part (luckily) we aren’t counting down the minutes until we can escape an appointment. People are pretty cool. And some of these connections we have with our signers are magical. 

And even when we think we may have found a “bestie” or an awesome referral source, we can struggle to stay connected and often lose touch. 

No matter how powerful the spark during the appointment, the energy wanes as life goes on and we get distracted. Especially, when the phone is ringin’ and dingin’ like crazy. It’s easy to...

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The Integrity Journal & Building a Business as a Mobile Notary


Clyde not only created one of the most highly reviewed Notarial journals in history with his Integrity Journal, but he is also building a Notary practice that he loves. Listen in this week as Clyde shares his strategy for building B2B relationships with attorneys, escrow, and more, to diversify his income streams.

Guest Information:

Clyde Heppner is a full-time mobile notary public and certified loan signing agent in Missouri. He is a graduate of both Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro training and Bill Soroka’s “Sign and Thrive” Loan Signing Course.

Clyde came this career after being the Coordinator of Research for the Kansas City, Missouri Public Schools during its court order desegregation. He left the district for a position with Sprint (now known as T-Mobile) where he worked for 18 years as an executive.

Clyde is a graduate of the University of Minnesota ­ Morris, and holds an advanced degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His training is...

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