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Marketing Prowess: 13 Musts For Notaries

Jan 03, 2024


As a mobile notary you run an old fashioned business in modern times. Gaining customers comes down to two overarching strategies: Optimizing online visibility and leveraging your network of relationships. 


That’s it. 


Don’t overcomplicate it and don’t sit back and wait for the latest widget to fix it. 


If you want to build a business that will thrive, regardless of mortgage interest rates, commit to learning marketing techniques that eliminate concern. 


For Online Visibility Learn About…


  • Standardizing your profile for as many online directories as you can. Include LinkedIn as your “Master Profile” that is used to fill all others. 
  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile. It’s free. It’s easy. No excuses. 
  • Creating (or paying someone else to) a website that is mobile friendly, SEO’d, and easy for customers to hire you from. 
  • Capturing email addresses. This will change your life and make you more money than a lifetime of notary appointments. Use a lead magnet and an opt-in for best results. 
  • Creating content that brings value to your network and keeps you top of mind. Use email and social media channels to distribute that content. Don’t forget to engage with your readers when they do. And engage with others' content too!
  • Mastering Google ads and using copywriting techniques to create a campaign that keeps your phone ringing. 


For Prospecting Through Relationships Learn About:


  • Reaching out to at least 3-5 prospects everyday. Send an email or DM, pop-in-whatever. If you want faster results, do more. 
  • Warming up your personal network with demonstrations that you care (call/text/email). Nothing fancy. No sales. Just check-in. Then, when you’re ready to sell, pitch, or ask, it’s not out of left field. 
  • Sending handwritten notes everyday. No sales. Just kindness and care. That means, NO business cards. 
  • Asking for referrals. Your network already knows your prospects. 
  • Making referrals. Have a list of people/companies/brands/services you love to work with. When someone in your network needs those services, make an introduction. 
  • Attending client-getting events-at least five per year. Want faster results? Do more. 
  • Attending peer networking and education events-at least five per year. Your peers are perfect for support AND referrals. 


This is a list of 13 skills you can master in the year ahead. That’s just one per month. Chances are, you’re already good at one or more of them anyway. 


Refine your skills. Schedule your work. And let’s do this thing already.


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