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The Unseen Notary: The Stark Reality of Not Leveraging Google's 91.5% Market Share

The World's Largest Business Directory

Think of the Google search engine like the world’s biggest business directory. 

To put this in perspective for you, Google gets 91.5% of all the internet search business in the world. 

Bing gets 3.19%. 

For fans of DuckDuckGo, they get only .55%.

For your notary business to thrive, you must be listed on the Google “business directory”.

This is what we commonly refer to as, Google Business Profile (GBP).

GBP is a suite of online services that Google grants to businesses of any size at no charge. You’ve likely seen this in action already when you search for “late night munchies near me,” or “nail spa in Tampa.” 

The information that comes up, with the hours of operation, menu of services, and customer reviews, is likely the Google Business Profile for those small, local businesses. 

This is the same series of information that could come up for your notary business too! ...

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The $7 Marketing Plan for Mobile Notaries

Tired of spending money on business “essentials”?

I get it. For such a small, simple business, you can feel nickel and dimed as you’re in start-up mode as a mobile notary.  Luckily, one of the most lucrative marketing campaigns you can implement right now can be done for $7 or less. 

And it’s easy too!

The hardest part is just getting out of your own way and hitting the send button…again and again. 

The 7-Step Marketing Plan for Mobile Notaries

You can start this today, and your total expense, outside of time and energy, is $7 (or less). 


Step One: Get a Domain Name

Invest $1 for the first year of a domain name that matches your brand name, or is similar. Don’t worry, this isn’t for building a website. This is for sending emails only. If you already have a domain name, you can skip to Step Two.

How I Do It: I use GoDaddy for all of my domains. Sometimes they cost more than $1, but there is always a promo or coupon...

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I Hate Follow-Up! (and other lies we tell ourselves)

Why do you resist following up with your prospects? 

Ugh, we've all been there. You finally muster the courage to send the emails or the direct messages, or finally pop-in to an escrow or attorney office, and then...




You wait for that phone to ring...

Even though you know it's probably going to take more than one touch point for a prospect to get to know, like, and trust you enough to hire your services.

And then... the shame cycle happens:

  • I coulda...
  • I shoulda...
  • Even if you found the courage or discipline again to finally follow-up, six weeks has passed and now you're embarrased, so you don't. 
  • Repeat

Sound familiar?'re not alone.

Let's stop the shame cycle today. 

Run the Numbers

Most salespeople (that's you! Yep, you're a self-employed solopreneur wearing all the hats) don't follow-up. Me included. I have had to work hard to remind myself of it's importance. 

"The fortune is in the follow-up" is not a myth....

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How to Make an Attorney Prospect List

Making a list of your potential attorney prospects is one of the simplest steps you can take on your journey to work with estate planning professionals.

I call this my Fab 100 list, but you may find with attorney work it’s more of a “Fab 600” list, especially if you’re in a large metropolitan area. Why is this?

Contrary to the loan signing industry where there are only 55,000 or so escrow officers across the country, there are over 216,000 estate planning attorneys in the US, with an estimated 5,000 more graduating every year. That gives you a lot of prospects! If you're in a smaller community, expand your radius out to the surrounding areas. 

Right now, your list doesn’t have to be 100% accurate. Use the internet and online directories to search for estate planning attorneys in your area. Keep in mind that the attorney doesn't necessarily have to have an office in your area in order to have a client in your area.

To make this even easier...

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How I Failed in Network Marketing (and Succeeded as a Mobile Notary)

You can listen to this blog on YouTube here

Through 26 business failures, I tried my share of network marketing opportunities. 

Aside from Primerica and Legalshield, I wasn’t good at any of them. And even with those two, I was mediocre at best. I just happened to love the insurance products from those two companies, so they were easier to talk about.

And that ended up being a huge realization for me. 

I’d get so enrolled with the vision, falling in love with the potential of the opportunity (a total reflection of my dating life at the time too), and daydreaming about:

  • Having freedom and flexibility to do what I want, when I want;
  • Making unlimited income, easily;
  • And finally being able to call myself a successful business owner. 

And then reality hit. 

The top three reasons I failed at network marketing:

  1. I tried to sell stuff I didn’t really believe in, so I shied away from talking to anyone about them.
  2. And, even if I loved the product, I...
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