Top 8 Reasons Your Notary Business Doesn't Have the Results You Want

Jul 09, 2019

Hey guys!
Bill here, from Notary Coach and Sign & Thrive. So, today I want to talk to you about the top EIGHT reasons for why your notary business isn’t getting the results you want.
One of the coolest features about my relationship calls with other notaries (you guys), is that I get to help a lot of you overcome challenges and objections that are getting in the way of what you want out of their business. This all stems around five major internal factors. But for the sake of this video I’ve added an additional three external factors for a total of eight. Let’s take a look at this now!
First, there are three external factors that you won’t have a lot of control over. And of course these are:
  1. Your geographic location
  2. The population density in your area
  3. The economic climate (interest rates, economy, employment, etc)
I remind you of these three external factors, not because I want you to use them as an excuse but rather to gauge how your can move through them, and take ownership. You may have to work a little bit harder at certain times and in certain ways to get the results you want.
But here’s the good news. As long as people are dying, being born, selling stuff, or buying stuff there’s always going to be a need for Notaries Public.
Ok, so now we got the external reasons out of the way, let’s take a look at five internal reasons that you do have full control over.

Number #1: Resistance to training or systems

One of the most common challenges I hear about from notaries in my mentorship calls, is the resistance toward the implementation of the education and system they’ve been given.  If you are constantly trying to buck the system and do things your own way you’re going to have a huge amount of difficulty. 
What I’d recommend is that you learn to trust the system you bought into. Whether you’ve decided to go with me at Sign & Thrive, or another training course,  follow the system being taught to the letter and gauge the results from there.
And, if you have decided to skip training altogether, I urge you to rethink your strategy. Training helps raise the bar of this industry AND it helps you avoid mistakes your teachers (me) made along the way. You can totally benefit for our costly errors!

Number #2: Being reactive as opposed to proactive

If you find yourself sitting back waiting for the phone to ring, then this is where your challenge is. This is not how the business works. You’ve got to be proactive in your marketing and keeping yourself top of mind with your potential clients. This is the key to success.
Which leads to number 3.

Number #3: Underestimating the power of relationships in this business

I have been involved in a lot of business in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so relationship based. I mean, one connection can change everything in this business.
So if you truly believe this, you’ll go above and beyond in your methods of staying connected. Are you sending thank you cards and emails?
The fortune’s in the follow up. This taps into something very human. People aren’t actually very transactional, we're craving human connection and something deeper. When you step into this and own it, your business will really flourish.

Number #4: Your attitude, and understanding how you show up in the world and in business

Ask yourself, “am I abrasive?” or “do they light up when I walk into the room”? You need to be aware of how you come across and whether or not it serves your purpose and others.
This is commonly referred to as emotional intelligence. 

Number #5: Daily habits and routines in alignment with your goals.

This is a big one.
If you’re going to dream big, and do big things, you’ve got to reverse engineer your dreams, right down to where you know exactly what to do every day. Doing so helps you have faith and belief that your tasks and methods are going to get you further toward your dreams.
You never, ever, ever let the sun set without taking major steps toward your dreams.

And that my friend is the eight major reasons why your notary business isn't showing you the results you want! 

Now, Go and Get It!!

Bill Soroka
Founder of and the Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community

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