A Fingerprinting Business: The Perfect Pivot for a Notary Public

Nov 27, 2022

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As a Notary Public and entrepreneur, one of the gifts we enjoy is that the service we provide is often required. 

  • Want to buy that house? Get notarized!
  • Want to sell that car? Get notarized?
  • Want to send your kid to Timbuktu without you? Better get notarized!

But guess what… 

Your notary services aren’t the only ones required for commerce to ensue. 

Fingerprinting is another essential service of our modern economy. 

The enormous increase in remote employees, virtual businesses, and increased security/safety checks, has created a high demand for convenient fingerprinting services. 

  • Want that new job? Get fingerprinted!
  • Want to volunteer with those children or seniors? Get fingerprinted!
  • Want to get, or renew, that professional license? Get fingerprinted!

People in your city need fingerprinting everyday! 

In this blog we answer your biggest questions... 

The Top Four Questions Notaries Have About Starting a Fingerprinting Business 

  • Can I even be a fingerprint technician in my state?
  • Isn’t there some ridiculous level of training and certification required to be a fingerprint technician?
  • How do I actually become a fingerprint technician?
  • How can I build a business and make money as a fingerprint technician?

Does this sound familiar?

  • If you've been blindsided by the dip in mortgage loan signings;
  • If you’re not sure General Notary Work will cover your bills;
  • If you’ve taken every notary training on the planet;
  • and you still don’t have the results you crave,

then this is the opportunity that will change your life.

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