Attention Nervous Notaries: Are You Looking For a New Way to Earn More Revenue Now That the Refinance Boom is Over?

The Perfect Pivot for a Potary Public

I love a good alliteration so much, I am willing to annoy you with that abomination. I just can’t help myself! 


Okay, okay, So the proper title of this letter really is:


The Perfect Pivot for a Notary Public. Sigh…


It’s still true, but not nearly as clever. 


As a Notary Public and entrepreneur, one of the gifts we enjoy is that the service we provide is often required


  • Want to buy that house? Get notarized!
  • Want to sell that car? Get notarized?
  • Want to send your kid to Timbuktu without you? Better get notarized!


But guess what…


Your notary services aren’t the only ones required for commerce to ensue


Fingerprinting is another essential service of our modern economy. 


The enormous increase in remote employees, virtual businesses, and increased security/safety checks, has created a high demand for convenient  fingerprinting services.


  • Want that new job? Get fingerprinted!
  • Want to volunteer with those children or seniors? Get fingerprinted!
  • Want to get, or renew, that professional license? Get fingerprinted!


People in your city need fingerprinting everyday!


On this page, we answer your biggest questions...


The Top Four Questions Notaries Have About Starting a Fingerprinting Business


  1. Can I even be a fingerprint technician in my state?
  2. Isn’t there some ridiculous level of training and certification required to be a fingerprint technician?
  3. How do I actually become a fingerprint technician?
  4. How can I build a business and make money as a fingerprint technician? 


Fellow Notary Entrepreneurs,

If you’ve been blindsided by the dip in mortgage loan signings; If you’re not sure General Notary Work will cover your bills; If you’ve taken every notary training on the planet; and you still don’t have the results you crave, then this is the letter that will change your life. 

How to Make More Money For Your Business Right Now

Yes, the notary signing agent gig is here to say. It ebbs. It flows. Right now, it’s ebbing like a mo’fo’. 


If you want to counteract that ebb with a business that’s in flow right now, fingerprinting is a great choice. 


Fingerprinting dovetails into a mobile notary business perfectly.


You can start a fingerprinting business no matter what state you currently live in. There’s opportunity for fingerprinting in ALL 50 states!


Get this- There is no license, no certification, and no restrictions for building a fingerprinting business in your state (except sometimes in California, of course-but it’s still easy there too!). 


However, depending on where you live, there may be an even BIGGER opportunity. 


That means you can start right now, no matter where you are located.


Do You Have to Be Certified to Take Fingerprints?


I think this is the hardest part to believe for most people- you do NOT have to be specially trained or certified to be a fingerprint technician in the United States. 


Does training help? Abso-freakin-lutely!


But required? 




Roll away, friend, roll away (rolling is what they call it when you fingerprint someone-See, lots to learn!). 


But don’t you want to do this the right way? 


Along with lots of other opportunities with a low bar of entry, beware of the trap of mediocrity. Just because it’s easy to get in the door, doesn’t mean it is undeserving of your commitment to excellence. 


There’s a special power in building a business when you have the guidance and support of people who have done this before. 


After all, this work matters too!


Look at Rhonda who, in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, thought her notary business would have to completely shut down. After learning from Fingerprinting Classes, she opened her first physical location for fingerprinting services. She’s up to three locations and seeking her fourth already!


And look at Michael, a military veteran that wanted something to do after retirement, so he started doing simple mobile fingerprinting. Now he supplements his retirement income with an extra $60,000 a year in revenue! He has since opened a storefront and is expanding to a second office!


If they can do it, you can do it! 

How did they build these new businesses? 


The team at Fingerprinting Classes showed them the ropes and then they worked their tails off  to make it happen. 


That’s how. 


When you combine a proven system with hustle, you’re unstoppable. 


I know you have the hustle. If you didn’t, there’s no way you could have lasted this long in reading this letter. That alone takes resilience and grit. 


Especially after an alliteration like Perfect Pivot for a Potary Public.


But pingerprinting is the real deal (see what I did there). 


And I think you feel that somewhere deep down inside too. 


And this is your invitation to bring it to the surface.


You’ve been seeking a way to add more revenue (and peace) to your business in turbulent times.  


Take the first step, right now, toward the next dimension of your service-based business.


Fingerprinting is the real deal. 


Want to know how to start a fingerprinting business? 


You bring the hustle, and then let the experts at Fingerprinting Classes show you how to use their proven system in their Starter Pack course. 


Here’s what you get in the Fingerprinting Classes Starter Pack:


  • A comprehensive guide on how to perform, sell, and market your fingerprinting services (a $199 value)
  • Learn how to navigate your state regulations using our comprehensive guide on all 50 states
  • Receive special links and referrals to discounted tools that will help your business grow! (this value adds up quickly!)
  • Get lifetime access to a community of other fingerprint technicians so you have constant access to support and resources. ($1,167 value per year)
  • Be the first to know about special events and live ONLINE training classes!
  • Get a chance to win a prize every month with the member-of-the-month system!


The Starter Pack is worth over $1,500 and It’s all yours for $97!


Click the link right below this sentence and launch your next stream of revenue. 


Get the Fingerprinting Classes Starter Pack here.


I know of very few businesses that let you get started for less than a hundred dollars. 


I told you, fingerprinting is the real deal. 


Ready to dip your toe, or better yet, stick your finger in the fingerprinting business? 


There’s no better time to add this essential service to your current menu. 


And there’s no risk. 


Look, the team at Fingerprinting Classes wants you to succeed. They’re committed to getting you your first customer within your first 90 days. So what If you follow their steps and don’t get results? 


Guess what?


Full refund. 


All you have to do is take their advice and run with it, like Rhonda, Michael, and countless others. 


Don’t let a refundable hundred bucks stand between you and your dream. 


Enroll now in the Fingerprinting Classes Starter Pack


We’re all here, striving to build and retain the business and lifestyle we love. Sometimes it may require a stamp, other times it may require an ink pad. 


Either way, this business is ours to grow.


Flexible schedule. Unlimited income. Legitimate service. 


Where will you grow next? 


I can’t wait to see!


Bill Soroka

CEO and Chief Dot Connector at  


PS- Any notary that is looking for ways to add services (and revenue) to their business can learn the basics of starting and running a fingerprinting business by using the lessons included in the Fingerprinting Classes Starter Pack. It literally guides you on how to perform, sell, and market your fingerprinting services. 


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