Next Level Notary- Principle #5 Stay Humble & Hustle

Oct 27, 2018

Something magical happens when you start taking your mobile notary and loan signing business seriously. 

When you commit your energy and your resources to making this work, and you hustle and grind, every single day, building relationships, performing your duties, brainstorming the value you bring to the marketplace, the universe conspires to bring you the opportunities you seek.

Once you have that consistent revenue that allows you to breathe and thrive, it's time to switch into higher gear. 

Where first gear was perfect for slowing down, crawling over the boulders of your learning in the beginning, second gear allowed you to gain some traction, get some training, and start applying at signing companies, building some industry relationships, and creating a website and other tools. 

In third gear, you really gained some momentum, still hustling and grinding, but enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

It's in this third gear that many mobile notaries and loan signing agents "coast." They have some volume and they feel "busy," so they think all is well, and it might very well be. We all have our own vision of what we want.

Still, this third gear can get comfortable, and we signing agents might get complacent. Complacency is a dangerous place for any business person. 

What Does Complacency Look Like?

Complacency shows up many ways, but here are a few that I have noticed after interacting and coaching with several hundred of us.

The Silo

This the notary that believes they can do it all themselves and there is no need to network or connect with fellow notaries.

The Know-it-all

You've probably met this one, in person, or in an online forum, and they know everything about everything, and cannot be bothered with new facts, information, or suggestions.

The hoarder

This is the notary that is actually very knowledgeable, adept at what they do, has great connections, and a solid business, but keeps all of those skills and knowledge to themselves. They hoard their resources out of fear there isn't enough.

The 50 Signing Princess

This applies to both male and female notaries that are new to the business. They come in hungry (like Les Brown says), they learn, absorb, put into practice, and launch. Things go great, they hit 50 signings, and then something shifts. 

Suddenly, they won't drive more than 10 miles for a signing. They won't get out of bed for less than $150 for a signing. They ONLY work 10am-4pm Monday-Friday. They demand Evian water be pre-chilled to 53 degrees at each signing. 

I am kidding on that last one, but the rest (and more) are real. In fact, these are actual "guidelines" some of my earliest students gave me once they had "completed" training. I've heard even more bizarre "rules" from other signing agents when I am seeking them in other states for signings.

Needless to say, these leave you vulnerable in business. And, not vulnerable in the good way (love me some Brene Brown!).

Now, having said all this, one of the best things about this business is that you can design it to fit your lifestyle. The flexible schedule is amazing. And, this gives you the chance to earn unlimited income in a business you can be proud of.

Still, you have to know what you are getting into when you make decisions from a complacent place. The rewards and consequences are very different from when you make decisions from a place of service and personal power.

You absolutely must know that your business can change at any time. One of the flipsides of relationship-based businesses is that those relationships can shift and change ALL the time. Sometimes you have some say in that, and sometimes you don't.

Never stop meeting industry people. Always be marketing yourself. Marketing should be your first and last thought of each day when it comes to your business. 

When I first started out in this business, I didn't think I wanted to grow my business any bigger. I had no expectation make this anything more than a way to bankroll my other businesses.  I was very sporadic in my marketing, and only did it when I needed to, like if I lost a client, or business slowed way down. 

As a consequence, I had very slow months and barely enough money sometimes. Marketing takes time, and if you have to fire up the engines after weeks or months of laying dormant, then market for a bit, and then let the engines shut down again, it creates more work than necessary.

Keep your marketing wheels moving all day, every day. You never know who you are going to meet.

And, this isn't always about growth. I know some of you aren't looking to build an empire here, and that's fine too.  When I finally owned my marketing and relationship-building component, I can't tell you the number of times I would meet just the right client, immediately after I had just lost another. I wasn't necessarily growing the company, I was sustaining it!

How to stay connected to your marketing:

  • Go to networking events
  • Start a MeetUp for Notaries or industry professionals you WANT to connect with
  • Send thank you cards/nice to meet you/checking in/ all kinds of cards!
  • "Tickle" at least 10 people per day to show you care and are thinking about them
  • Never say "no" to new potential clients or possible opportunities-  Say yes to hearing them out!
  • Follow the trail- If yo uare out hustling, or just doing your duties, you ARE meeting the very people that can change everything for you. Do not wait for them to act! Follow the magical trail of opportunity and follow up with those you meet!

Reach Back & Pull Forward

There are notaries among us that need your help. We are ALL in this together, and there is plenty of business for the few of us that will respect this business for what it is and share the knowledge we have. 

Part of your growth, both personally, and in business, will come from reaching back behind you and pulling your colleagues forward with you.

Share your wisdom. An expert is someone is just one page ahead. That is you to someone. You matter and we want to hear from you. 

Share your heart. It can be a cold world out there, especially in some of the online forums, packed full of Negative Nancy's and Harsh Harry's. Be the beacon of love and light that you wish had been there for you when you first started out. 

That's what will bring us together, and we will all succeed, by our own definitions.

Embrace the abundance of the universe and economy. There is opportunity everywhere.

If you still question the abundance of the universe, then you ain't made it yet!


Bill Soroka

Yuma, Arizona


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