LinkedIn Now for Notaries: How to Find, Attract, and Connect to Your Ideal Customers

Jun 15, 2020

Do you ever wonder where all your dream clients are hanging out? 

Do you wish there was just one place you could go to find people that need your services? 

LinkedIn is about as close to that as you can get! It's like a round-the-clock networking event jam packed with your potential customers.

But how do you use it effectively?

If you're like me, the last thing you want is yet another social media platform to have to manage. Especially one that works differently than the others. Who has time to learn another thing???

But the reality is, as mobile notaries and loan signing agents, we must  find the time to learn LinkedIn. 

To help, my friend and fellow author, Sandra Long, popped in to see us last week and delivered a powerful presentation about how to use the platform. 

Sandra not only wrote the book, "LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide," but she also delivered the first-ever TedXTalk on the subject!!

I've included the full replay for you above.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is extremely relevant with millions of professionals seeking connections-and many of them are a notary's ideal customer.
  • You do NOT need LinkedIn Premium for ANY of Sandra's suggestions. You can find, attract, and connect with your dream clients using the basic free version. 
  • Content is KING! Delivering thoughtful and valuable information, messages, stats, and stories help establish credibility and connection.
  • There is an art to connecting and communicating effectively. And, there are some epic fails when it comes to connecting on LinkedIn-avoid those!

How I Used LinkedIn to Grow My Notary Business

I've shared my Daily Do's with you before. If you haven't heard of this, you can download my Daily Do's here.

These are the daily activities I implemented to help me reach my goal of making $100,000 per year as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. 

And it worked! Even better than expected.

After implementing these habits that were designed to keep me Top of Mind to potential clients, my income soared beyond $20,000 per month as a signing agent, working alone in the Phoenix home market. 

In short, the Daily Do's look like this:

  • Create a list of people you dream of working with.
  • Start researching those people, finding where they work, how they're doing there, why they work there (maybe), and anything else that jumps out to as relatable or conversational. 
  • Craft a unique and creative message for them, highlighting THEM, not you and your services. 
  • Stay in touch.

That's the simplified overview. For more detailed training, I offer The Morning Mastery program as a bonus for ALL Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community members. You can check it out for free for 7 days here.

LinkedIn was critical to my success because it gave me access to information about prospects that I never would have had without it. 

On LinkedIn, Escrow Officers brag on their favorite real estate agents. Real estate agents brag on their favorite Escrow Officers and loan officers. 

Corporate Vice Presidents and Business Development Directors at major Title/Escrow companies brag on their high performing staff.

This is a gold mine for notaries that follow the Morning Mastery system or the Daily Do's! 

I would often use LinkedIn to find and research who was on my "Fab 100 List" (That's what I call my dream list) and then I would draft a quick, thoughtful, and personal, email to the Escrow Officer of my choice. 

That's right, just because you use LinkedIn to find your ideal customers, and post valuable content, does not mean you have to use it to connect. Sometimes, the information you glean from it can be used for communication elsewhere-like the phone, email, or even in-person meetings. 

LinkedIn is powerful and flexible, and mastering it WILL elevate your business AND your brand. 

Sandra has created an entire suite of courses that will help you get started, build a dynamic profile, create attractive content, and develop a connection strategy, that will propel your business forward.

How do I know? Because she literally taught me everything I know about LinkedIn and it worked for me!

Sandra has been an amazing advocate for our members, and she's created a special offer just for you.

A Special Offer from Sandra Long and Her LinkedIn Club

The LinkedIn Club is a suite, or collection, of courses and programs that will help get you to expert status on LinkedIn.

Here's what you get:

  • Full access to the video library of detailed training modules
  • The Success Road Map
  • Access to her private LinkedIn Group
  • Answers to Your Questions
  • LinkedIn Updates (They change all the time!)
  • Regular training calls
  • Marketing and Relationship-Building Challenges
  • And so much more!

From day one of implementing your new knowledge, you'll start to see results. 

You will no longer have to hide, or make excuses for the way your LinkedIn profile looks. 

You'll know exactly what kind of posts to make...and NOT make. 

You'll be confident in your approach as you reach out and connect to the THOUSANDS of escrow officers, closing attorneys, loan officers, real estate agents, and more. 

If you're ready to get serious about LinkedIn, join Sandra's LinkedIn Club now for 20% off each month ($34.40 approx.).

Join Here and use coupon code "Spec20" to get that special price, just for Notary Coach audience members.

There is no contract. You can cancel anytime. 

Plus, there is a 100% money back guarantee. Take 30 days to review the material, and if it isn't everything you had hoped, cancel and receive your one month's subscription fee back. 

There's no risk!

If you're ready for some next level refinement and connection, I'll see you inside the LinkedIn Club!


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