The Power of Facial Expressions in Your Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Business

Jun 11, 2018

Even though we all know that facial expressions, and body language in general, makes up an enormous part of the way we communicate to other people, many of us can be clueless as to what our face is doing when we aren't watching.

For some, our resting facial expression is one of disdain, anger, or sadness, and we don't even realize it. This is commonly known as RBF, or Resting Bitch Face. In every day life, this may not be that big of a deal. But, in business, it can mean the difference between getting (and keeping) a client, or never even getting your foot in the door. 

Your facial expressions can set the tone for a new client relationship, or even an entire loan signing. Whether we like it or not, people make judgements on who we are within the first few seconds of interacting with, or even just seeing, us. If you're RBF is on point, and you have a scowl, even if you're smiling on the inside, you could set yourself up for a rough signing. 

In my own business, I often have multiple notaries working at title offices doing loan signings. When I peak through the conference room windows and I see RBF, it turns my stomach, because I know my clients see it too. It looks like the notary is either pissed off, bored, or otherwise miserable. The signers see it too, and all around it is just bad for business.

It starts with awareness of what your face is doing when you're not looking. And then, you can take some specific actions to help make sure you have a a warm, business-ready, expression on your face at all times. It takes practice!

On Saturday, June 16, Sign & Thrive features researcher, Jason Rogers, on the Thrive Live webinar. Jason will go over his research on RBF, body language, and facial expressions, along with the direct impact it has on interpersonal relationships. Plus, he will share strategies on staying aware of your RBF, and how to adjust for business success. 

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