Proving Gratitude: Three Questions to Ignite Your Notary Public Day

Nov 07, 2022

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There’s still a little piece of me that can’t believe how much being a Notary Public has changed my life.

I remember in that first year of implementing my Daily Do’s, when those $20,000-$30,000 months started stacking up, I’d wake up-no, I’d pop out of bed, each morning and pinch myself. Could this be real? Legal? Legit? Are we allowed to enjoy what we do this much, helping people,  and making more money than we ever had in our lives? 

I’ve been able to help clients in ways I never knew existed, and I was able to do so when they needed me most-their best days…and their worst. 

The evolution of my role and business as a Notary Public also brought me to you, my fellow notaries across the country. Through the years, there have been thousands of connections, inspirations, collaborations, and, my favorite, friendships. 

I am grateful. 

And further, I am surrounded by other notaries that are grateful for the opportunity they have to not only help their clients, but also control their time and their income so they can do more of what they love with whom they love. 

And that got me thinking. 

How do we demonstrate gratitude? 

Not to our social media audience. Not to our friends. Not even to our families. How do we prove to  ourselves and to the Universe (whatever or whomever that might be to you) that we are truly grateful?

Saying, “I am grateful,” wearing it on a t-shirt, or using it in a hashtag, is different from being grateful. 

I assert that the best demonstration of gratitude is what we do with our time, in the dark, out of the spotlight, when no one else is watching. 

If we’re really grateful for an opportunity, or a relationship, what we do each and every day to both honor it and feed it, keeps it alive.  

If that which we are grateful for doesn’t get tended to, it tends to wither. 

So as we celebrate the 47th Notary Public Day, I invite you to ask yourself three questions:

  1. What are your three current (now) and biggest goals for your notary business? 
  2. What is the next step you can take for each of those goals?
  3. When will you take each of those steps? 

I’ll give you a bonus fourth question that can help you spot the hidden time sucks-the sneaky destruction of gratitude:

What are you wasting time on? 

We get an entire day devoted to us. The rest of the country may use Notary Public Day to recognize the service of notaries to national and international commerce. Perhaps we can use it not only to celebrate our peers, our opportunity, and our impact, but to also spend time moving the needle on our dream.

Bill Soroka is the founder of Notary Business Builder, an elite community of professional Notary entrepreneurs that are committed to building a successful business in any economy by leveraging authentic sharing technology and cultivating deeper relationships.  He is also the best selling author of three books (and counting) designed to help notaries build their dream business. 


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