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Notaries: Always Be Prospecting

Jul 29, 2023

I avoided using traditional sales language like, "leads," "pipelines," and "prospecting" when first started coaching notaries through my courses and books, and I think I've done you a great disservice. 

Sales are a major part of any business, including a service-based one as a mobile notary and loan signing agent. No revenue, no business. 

I knew how turned off I got when people used "salesy" terminology that sounded like work-uncomfortable work at that- and I tried to shield you from that experience. 

But it's not real. 

We have to get over it and move past the semantic aversion to all things salesy. 

If you want your business to thrive, you have to sell. Everything is sales. 

Your smile.

Your style.

Your skills. 

And it's a numbers game (don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise). You must put yourself in front of more prospects to get more business. 

Your results this month are directly proportional to your efforts 30-90 days ago. 

So yes, you can predict the future. You can tell what kind of month you'll have next based a lot on the seeds you planted last month. 

That's all prospecting is: planting seeds for relationships and opportunities.

And those notaries that prospect well, will prosper well. 

How to Prospect Notary Clients

The first thing you have to do is get clarity on who your ideal customers are. Another way of looking at it is figuring out what kind of appointments bring you the most joy or income. With clarity, comes customers. 

Then, tailor your digital assets and online visibility to match the keywords and phrases those ideal clients might use to search for your services. As your online presence gains momentum, your phone will start to ring and ding with opportunities. 

Don't stop there. 

Now the real prospecting begins. Become a gardener, constantly planting seeds through intentional conversations done with both your mouth and your fingers (email, text, etc). 

If this makes you nervous, start by talking to just one prospect, everyday, about your business and how it might help them save time and resources. 

If you want serious results, talk to ten prospects everyday. 

If you want faster results, talk to one hundred prospects daily.

Sound crazy?


But here's the thing, there are no rules, nothing holding you back from talking to even one thousand prospects a day, if that's what it takes to get the results you want.

This business isn't easy, but it is simple. Our services are essential, even necessary in our modern economy. There are so many opportunities that you can build six figure revenue and seven figure wealth, if that's what you dream of. 

This is the wild west of the notary industry. There's a billion documents being notarized every year and if you're not the one notarizing them, someone else is.

Wake up. Plant seeds. Answer phones. Repeat.


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