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Nov 28, 2020

When I finally decided to take my mobile notary and loan signing business seriously, I already had 26 business failures under my belt. 

These days, I've come to appreciate each and every one of those failures for the lessons that they were. I've learned that after each new failure, there isn't a period - it's not the end. There's actually an expectant comma, eager to experience what fails next.

The truth I've learned in this long, long, long, “becoming” process for me, is that if you aren't failing, you aren't trying enough. There is no shame in failure, but you have to learn that for yourself.

I’ve also learned that progress is better than perfect. If you wait until you know “everything” about something before you try it, or you wait for the “perfect” time to move forward, you end up stuck.

And, I’ve learned, there are no safe sidelines in the game of life. There is no such thing as a spectator here. You’re a player in the game, and the game goes on no matter what. You can hug the wall, convincing yourself it is the safe, comfortable, and the logical thing to do, or you can get out in the arena and make things happen.  Sure, you may take a few hits, but in the arena is where the intersections of people and opportunities happen.

I Remember

Even though I've adopted what feels like a healthier perspective on failure, life, and business today, it wasn't easy when I was actually going through it.  When you’re down in the muck, it still sucks.

I remember the fear surrounding yet another business failure. 

I remember not having money to pay rent and having to ask my grandmother for another loan.

I remember not going to the doctor or hospital (when I should have) because I didn't have health insurance and I was afraid of what it would cost.

I remember the early years of my mobile notary and loan signing business, when my phone rang for 2 reasons only: loan Signings and bill collectors. Guess which one I received more of…

Bill collectors!

At least, at first. In fact, bill collectors called me so much I used to cringe every time my phone rang. In those days, in full hustle-mode, turning down my volume or turning off my phone was not an option. You know how it is - each call could have been a $150 loan signing appointment.

So, every time I’d answer the phone I had a 50-50 chance of either making some money or feeling shame because I couldn't pay my bills.

A New Way Of Thinking

This was not, and is not, a sustainable way to live or run a business. Something had to change. 

Since my early twenties, when I truly began my personal development journey, I've had a handwritten or typed version of the higher vision I have for my life. 

It’s changed over the years, but one thing is consistent: In one way or another, through business, philanthropy, or writing, I want to help people reach their full potential. I want to be a beacon of love and light that inspires people to take the action required to make dreams come true. 

So, I came up with a plan to make these bill collectors advance me toward my dream with positive energy, rather than allow them to make me feel hopeless and deflated.  This wouldn’t be easy. I had no money. I had no evidence that I could make a business work. I had no discipline to do the things that actually lead to greatness. 

This would be a stretch. 

But another one of life’s great lessons has been that 'thoughts are things'. My thoughts become feelings or emotions, which affect my behaviors, which become my habits.  If I could shift my thinking from shame to empowerment every time these bill collectors would call, maybe I could still believe this dream was possible. 

Here’s how I did that:

As a bill collector would call me, I would save their phone number to my phone’s address book as something or someone a lot more inspirational. I used names like:

  • Harpo Studios (Oprah’s studio)
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Tony Robbins
  • Larry King
  • and even Tina Turner!

I'm not sure what Tina and I would have talked about, even if she had actually called, but it  worked. As I started getting the majority of all the different phone numbers collectors would call from programmed in my phone, getting phone calls became a lot more fun.

Now when a call would come in, my thoughts shifted from, “Oh man, how am I going to pay these guys?,” or “What if people find out what a loser I am?,” to much more empowering thoughts like:

“Sorry Oprah, I'm in a signing and can't pick up right now.”


“No, today won't work Larry, try me back later.” (Which, of course, “he” did - they always do).

This simple mind trick helped shift the energy I had around money and business just enough to give me the confidence to keep going.

Can you imagine being so busy doing what you love that your too busy for Oprah?!!!

My Gift to You

And while for me, it definitely got worse before it got better (that was my journey of becoming), it wasn't long after that when I spent my lonely & pivotal Thanksgiving weekend doing the results inventory that changed my life. 

I spent the weekend figuring out why I didn't have the results I had craved in life. I was looking for the missing ingredients, and found them by taking 100% responsibility and surrendering to what I had resisted most: habits and routine.

It was that weekend where the seeds of my Morning Mastery and the Daily Do’s were born. Implementing those 11-17 habits helped lift me from poverty to prosperity.

This daily practice built the relationships and created the opportunities that, almost immediately, starting earning me over $20,000 per month. And, it has continued to rise since!

Now, on the anniversary of that sacred weekend, I'd like to offer you the gift of the Morning Mastery for Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents. This is an advanced mini course in mindset and business strategy that will take your business to the next level when implemented. 

It's yours for free.

Take this course, implement it, and refine. Make it your own. 

It is yours to keep.

If you can relate to my story at all, if you've ever had more bill collectors than friends, or if you've ever felt the shame or embarrassment of a failed business, or even a broken heart, just know that there doesn't have to be a period at the end of that sentence. You can turn it into a comma, or even my favorite, an exclamation point. 

Keep going. Try again. 

This little business of ours has the power to change lives in a big way... both our lives as notaries, and the lives of those we serve. Honor this business, and your dreams, by doing everything you can to make it work.

Yes, it is worth it. Yes, you can do it. And Morning Mastery can help.

Thrive On, my friends!


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