Which Business Mode Are You In?

Oct 02, 2020

Stop Apologizing! 

You never have to apologize to anyone about how you choose to operate your mobile notary and loan signing business (outside of notary integrity/legal issues-that's a different story). 

This is your baby. Or as I say, my business is my masterpiece. 

It's the vehicle that is taking you to your dreams. You do not owe anyone an explanation about how you choose to fuel that vehicle, or what color you choose to paint it, what you decide to pack inside it, or who you take along with you, the route you decide to take, or the destination you are headed to. 

This business is yours. 

The dream is yours, no matter how big, and no matter how small. 

This business as a mobile notary and loan signing agent is powerful because it can be anything you need it to be. 

You don't have to apologize to me because you don't want to work 14 hours a day, make three hundred grand a year, and drive an average of 6,000 miles per month. I get it. Maybe I am in a different stage of life and business then you are. 

You don't have to apologize to the notaries in the online forums for taking $30 appointments that you LOVE performing, and are 15 minutes from your house. 

You don't have to apologize for spending three hours with a delightful senior citizen during a reverse mortgage appointment because THIS is what makes you happy and enjoy your business. 

We're all in different stages, or modes, of life and business. 

Some of the frustration and insecurity come when we ask questions of, or compare ourselves to, people that are in a different mode of business than we are. 

I've narrowed it down to six different modes, and chances are, you'll fit into one or more of these. In fact, I propose that we each have a little bit of all of these modes in us, at some point in our lives and our businesses. We cycle through these modes depending on what is going on in our life. 

And, even if we toggle in between two (or more) of these modes, there is usually going to be one priority mode you happen to be in. Your priority is the concern, interest, or desire that comes before all others, at any given point in time

Six Main Modes of a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent: 

  • Hustle Mode:  Wealth Building & Growth
  • Family/Passion Mode:  Time Building 
  • Supplemental Mode:  Extra Income Building
  • Legacy Mode:  Making a difference and Helping others
  • Cruise Mode:  Avoiding Boredom & Having Fun
  • Transition Mode:  Preparing to Leave a Job

Let me give you a few examples of what a mobile notary and loan signing agent in each of these different modes might look and act like, and then  you can gauge where you happen to be right now. This can change anytime you want, right? No one puts you in a box and says you have to be in this mode, or that mode, forever. The choice is always yours, and no mode is better than any other. It's all about what mode serves you and your vision, right now.  

Once you get a feel for which mode you're in, these examples below will help you identify where other notaries in our community might be too. This can help you categorize their advice or experience, so you know what can apply to you and your situation because you're in matching modes, and what can be disregarded, or saved for later, when you're ready for the mode they are in.  

Here are some examples of a mobile notary and loan signing agent in each mode: 

Hustlin' Bill

Priority: Growth and Income 

I'll use myself in this example, because this is the exact situation I was in. I shared my story about how all my other little ventures were collapsing and I was on the brink of financial ruin...again. Not only did I need money, but I needed something to work out good for me. I had to have a win to boost my self-confidence again. 

Here's what hustlin' looked like for me: 

  • Up at 3 or 4 in the morning doing my Daily Do's, making connections, building relationships, before the phone started ringing at 8:00am.
  • No limits! I drove an average of 300-400 miles daily taking escrow direct appointments.
  • Took time off during the first week of the month only, worked pretty much non-stop the rest of the month, except for Sundays. Earned 70% of income in last five days of month.
  • Say YES to the signing! I found a way. I knew the math at the end of the day would be worth it.
  • Tapped out at a record of 12 signings in one day; first one at 5:30am, last one at 10:00pm.
  • Constantly adding services and value (Signing Company, Wedding Officiant, Field Inspections, Mentorship, Training Company, etc.) 

Passionate Patty

Priority: Time for others or a project 

Patty wants more time to raise her two kids and write the novel she's been dreaming about since high school. She lives with her aging mother, and would also like to spend more time with her.  Her mom is also available to watch the kids if necessary, so Patty wants a business that offers flexibility in her schedule, and a chance to make decent income. She doesn't need more than a few thousand dollars a month to thrive, and her priority is being there in the mornings, and the afternoons for her children. Plus, she'll use the early mornings, that used to be used for a commute, to write her novel. 

Patty is happy taking six to eight signings per week, and would be out of alignment with her vision if she took on much more than that. 

Supplemental Sam

Priority: A Little Extra Income 

Following in his Father's footsteps, Sam loves his job in the non-profit sector. He gets to do the work that lights him up each day, so he does not want to quit. But, like many non-profit jobs, the salary barely covers his monthly expenses. He just needs to make an extra $1,000 each month to give him some peace of mind for retirement, maybe a little travel, and emergencies. 

Knowing is dad is now retired and living on just a little more than social security, Sam shares this idea with him, and now both Sam and his dad, take just a few signings a week to help supplement their payroll and/or retirement income. 

Legacy Lynn

Priority: Helping Others 

Lynn and her husband are retired county employees that enjoy a comfortable pension and very few monthly expenses. Lynn has always been a top performer at her job, and had risen through the ranks in multiple leadership positions, often managing teams of people. 

Now, in her retirement years, she is looking for ways to stay active and give back to her community. Her mobile notary and loan signing business introduces her to new people nearly every day. She gets to meet them, often, when they are most in need. She charges fair prices, and often provides services pro bono in nursing homes, senior centers, or homeless shelters. 

A large portion of the revenue she generates is used in her philanthropic endeavors, often buying clothing, food, and other essentials for those in need. She's not interested in driving much more than 20 miles from her home for an appointment, and one appointment per day might even be too much. She prefers a very relaxed schedule that allows her to spend a little more time with a client if she really enjoys their company. 

Lynn also has a passion for helping female entrepreneurs and has started her mentorship program to help new mobile notaries and loan signing agents. 

Cruisin' Charlie

Priority: Avoiding Boredom and Having Fun 

Charlie was an executive at an engineering firm, but forced to retire after a major competitor bought out the firm he worked for. The retirement package was generous, and he could retire without financial worry, but he was still young, and felt he had a lot to offer the world still. 

He didn't necessarily want to go back to a 9-5, with a boss, a commute, and a set schedule though, so he became a mobile notary and loan signing agent to meet new people, keep his mind sharp, and have a little fun throughout the week. Plus, Charlie's wife practically insisted he find something to do outside the house because he was driving her nuts. 

Charlie isn't really interested in working too hard on marketing and deliberately building relationships, but will generally take whatever happens to come across his phone, just to stay busy. 

He and his wife consider the revenue he generates as "fun" money and take two or three cruises or trips every year with it. 

Transitional Tammy

Priority: Replace Employment Income 

Tammy is in a job that is slowly sucking the life out of her. She knows there is more to life than working for a paycheck and paying her bills. Still, she has responsibilities and wants to be sure no matter what she does next still provides enough income to cover her necessities. She knows that with the right business, she can always make more as she’s grows, learns and builds relationships. 

She is willing to take two or three signings per day, either before or after her shift at work. Plus, she dedicates her weekends to taking appointments until she has three months of cash reserves, and consistent income that replaces her current income. 

What's Your Mode? 

Do you relate to these? We all have a little bit of each, or maybe a little of this and a little that, to make up our own current mode. The reality is though, by definition of the word priority, there can be only one at any given time. So, where are you right now? Don't worry, your priority can change as your life changes, so your mode can adjust. 

As you find your mode, keep this in mind as you request help, guidance, and support. People in the same mode as you, or from a mode you desire to be in, are your best resources. 

And no matter which mode you happen to be in, or desire to be in, please stop apologizing and comparing yourself to others. Instead, own your mode for what it is, confident that you are right where you are supposed to be. And, if you're ready to move from one mode to another, make a plan, schedule it on your calendar and get it done. 

If you'd like to see a list of those Daily Do's I mention that I used in full Hustle Mode, you can download it here.



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