Notary Mistakes to Avoid

Feb 26, 2021

Which notary mistakes to avoid???

How 'bout, all of them, right? 

It would be quite the feat if we never made a mistake on anything, but it's just not realistic. We're human, we make mistakes. On top of that, we work in an industry not known for it's crystal clear laws and instruction, so we have lots of various interpretations of the same sentences.

Even with this murky nuance, there are things we, as notaries, can do to mitigate our errors. 

First, and foremost, adopt a reverence for this role you play in the integrity of our entire economic, social, and governmental system. This work matters. You matter. Take the time and effort to educate yourself on how to do this work well. Don't wing it, be the expert.

And then forever be the student. You will learn something new in this business every single day if you allow for it. 

I was honored to be on a panel with four other fabulous notary professionals that have adopted that commitment to learning and excellence, recently on the Notary Mistakes to Avoid webinar. 

You can catch the full replay here

We had planned on spending an hour, and ended up spending twice that. This is the kind of collaboration and education that can make a difference in your business and peace of mind. 

I invite you to watch the replay and find your own ways to mitigate risk involved in our day to day business as mobile notaries and loan signing agents. If you learn something new, please post in the comments!



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