How to Make Memorable Introductions Within Your Professional Network

Aug 13, 2023

How to Make Memorable Introductions Within Your Professional Network

As you elevate your network, the necessity for more effective introductions will rise in priority. High performers in any industry, including estate planning professionals, hospital administrators, university staff, or essentially anyone you may consider your ideal client as a credentialed professional, will protect their time more than anything. 

So tactics like telling your client referral, "Call Bob and tell him I sent you," or "Here's Bob's number, just give him a call," are ineffective at best, and damaging to your reputation and relationships at worst. 

If your goal is to help more people, which I am sure it is if you're reading this and in my orbit, then take a few extra minutes to refer the right away. And if you don't have time to do it right, wait until you do. A great introduction sets the new relationship upon a solid foundation that can get off to the right start faster & easier, and everybody walks away feeling respected and appreciated, regardless of the outcome. 

You can't control everything, but you can control the quaity of your own referral and introduction. When you take this extra effort for elevated introductions,three things happen:

  1. It demonstrates a higher level of professionalism;
  2. It shows thoughtfulness and respect for all parties involved;
  3. It makes you more valuable and memorable to your network. 

5 Tips for a Powerful Introduction

When introducing two people in your professional network, consider these tips:

#1 Get the "Double Opt-in"

I learned this in a great book called, "SuperConnector," and it's a must read for any notary entrepreneur. All it means is to get permission or give a heads up to each party. You want to avoid blindsiding high value clients. This may evolve as relationships deepen, trust expands, and learn how your people like to communicate, but it's better to err on the side of caution and respect for time and energy. 

#2 Give Some Context

I like to do most of my introductions via email or text message. 

When you do so, after getting the a-okay from your people, offer some context in the introduction. Include things like how you know the person, what prompted the introduction, and why this intro makes sense for them. 

#3 Edify the Subjects of Your Introduction

If you only honed one skill in your life, edification can get you want you want while helping others get what they want. 

Here's a quick definition:

To "edify" refers to the act of building up or enhancing the image or reputation of someone else. It's about expressing high regard for someone's abilities, accomplishments, and character in a way that elevates their status or reputation in the eyes of others. This is often done through genuine praise, recognition of achievements, and acknowledgement of their contributions or positive attributes. Edifying others can help
foster mutual respect and admiration, create a positive environment, and strengthen professional relationships.

How to Edify

The goal of edifying someone is to show your respect for them and highlight their value. Keep it genuine,
relevant, and respectful, and your introductions will surely make a positive impact.

When Edifying:

  • Emphasize Their Achievements
  • Highlight Their Expertise
  • Acknowledge Their Personal Qualities
  • Express Genuine Admiration
  • Give Credit Where It's Due

If you can't edify genuinely, then you probably shouldn't have this person in your referral network. They must have a redeeming quality that you like or respect in order to be referred to another person in your network. Otherwise, what's the point, right? 

#4 Go a Little Over the Top

Many people stop short of a powerful introduction because they think they're inconveniencing people, or maybe they just don't have time, so they keep it super short and sweet. But people are people, and they like to feel good and be appreciated. 

You'll stand out and make a name for yourself as a connector if you go a little over the top with these intros. It doesn't have to be pages and pages of filler. But add some personality, humor if appropriate, blend some of your own personal experience with one or both parties, and commit to the success of the relationship. 

I tell notaries to edge right up to your comfort zone with this and take a solid step beyond it. That's where you want to be with these powerful introductions. 

#5 Highlight Mutual Value

All in all, you want the message to be clear about how this introduction could be of value to both parties. Share the reasons you think this is a good fit. Be authentic and genuine in your messaging. Be considerate of time and resources. 

Example of a Powerful Introduction Email

Hi Jack,

I mentioned to you the other day I knew the best estate planning firm this side of the Mississippi, and it's my pleasure to introduce you to Stephanie Maloney (she's copied here).

Stephanie has helped so many of my clients AND she's brought tremendous peace of mind to my own family. You'll find she knows her stuff, inside and out, and makes the whole trust process a breeze
(even when things get complicated-you've met my family!).

Stephanie, Jack Johnson has been friends of the family for years, and owns the city's largest wrecking yard and tow service. I recently posted online about my new certification as a Trust Delivery Agent, and it prompted Jack to reach out because creating a trust has been on his mind for years. You're in good hands, Jack! And you too, Stephanie, but don't trust him around the doughnuts :-)

You two feel free to connect outside of this email and if I can support the introduction any further, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll check in later to see how things went. 

You can see the personalization, the edification, and the mutual value. It's a little over the top, but both parties now know that I respect them, and that without a doubt this new relationship has a fighting chance because of my endorsement. 

And then I follow up in a week or two or three. Relationships take time, so I don't rush it, and frankly the details aren't any of my business. I just check-in to make sure my referrals stay solid and in integrity. 

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