How Notaries Get Repeat Customers

Nov 10, 2023

Repeat Customer Success is Guaranteed When You S.M.I.L.E 

If they needed a notary once, they’ll need one again…and again…and again. 

And if they don’t, they’ll know someone who does. 

This exponentially increases the lifetime value of your customers. 

It works for any line of service you offer under the “notary umbrella” too. If they needed: fingerprinting/apostilles/field inspections/trust delivery/medical facility work, they’ll need it again or they’ll know someone who does. 

That means the person you notarize today might be the person you fingerprint next month. And next year, that person might inherit land in Italy from their grandparents and need international document authentication services like an apostille. Then they find the love of their life and decide to get married right there in your town, and need a wedding officiant. 

Maybe that’s an extreme example, but maybe it’s not. When a customer loves working with you anyway, all you have to do is stay in touch with them (so they remember you) and keep them informed of the additional services and value you offer. 

So how do they remember you? 

The Top of Mind Method

That’s the Top of Mind Method. Five principles that, when blended into your mobile notary business, will ensure that your clients will not only remember you, but they’ll remember to refer to you their entire network. 

The Top of Mind Method can be remembered with the acronym S.M.I.L.E. 

S- Solve Their Problem

Nobody needs a notary until they need a notary.  There’s often a sense of urgency when a customer reaches out to you, so here are five techniques that will help you get more appointments:

  1. Answer the phone fast and professionally. 
  2. Have a system in place for when you can’t answer the phone. 
  3. Take gentle control of the call and gracefully overcome the first question (Usually something like, “How much is it…”)
  4. Demonstrate your expertise by asking more probing questions so you understand the full scope of the job.
  5. Stack your value, quote your price, and ask for the sale. In. That. Order. 

M- Masterfully Deliver Your Services

The easiest way to make sure you get a repeat client is to do an excellent job when you’re hired in the first place. Here are five ways to deliver exceptional services:

  1. Over Communicate before, during, and after your appointment.
  2. Train yourself beyond your state’s minimum requirements.
  3. Invest in tools, training, and technology that enhance the client experience. 
  4. Lay the foundation for a relationship that has a chance to survive beyond one appointment or one single transaction.
  5. Ask for permission to stay in touch. 

I-Implement Ironclad Button-Up

We wear so many hats as a solo-preneur, it’s important to have systems in place to keep your ducks in a row. A well organized post-appointment ritual or routine can help with that. I used to do my ritual in the car immediately after an appointment, or shortly thereafter. Stay organized with an ironclad post-appointment ritual. Here’s one example:

  1. Communicate with your hiring party (if there is one)
  2. Triple/Quadruple Check documents (Double-check should have happened at the table already)
  3. Send Invoices/Update Accounting software
  4. Add client info to CRM
  5. Send a handwritten note
  6. Request a client review
  7. And, keep in mind this is your business. What would bring you peace of mind? Ask yourself, what keeps you up at night? You can add any task or reminder to this routine as well! 

L- Leverage Long Term Connection Strategies

We have to stay in touch. This isn’t rocket science. It’s not neurosurgery. It’s just human connection. And while there is some pretty amazing technology to help us stay more connected, it’s not necessary for this activity. Humans have been connecting for thousands of years. You can do things the old fashioned way if it’s better for you. The important thing is to just do it consistently. Here five strategies for long term connection with your clients and prospects:

  1. Send an occasional email.
  2. Create useful/valuable content.
  3. Engage with your own and others content online.
  4. Be on the lookout for ways to add value or be a resource to your network.
  5. Reach out directly via phone/text/DM

E- Expand Your Knowledge & Your Network

The Japanese process of kaizen (constant, continuous improvement) will serve you well as a credentialed professional. There is always something more to learn or refine when you’re in business (or simply being a human being). 

And, if you have any goal or dream at all, it’s going to require people, whether they’re your customers, business partners, or colleagues, success includes more than you. Commit to the expansion of your network. The bigger your goals and dreams are, the more important the quality of your network. More isn’t always better. You can be selective, but you must keep expanding. 

Here are four ways to expand your knowledge and your network:

  1. Keep a student mindset (Always be learning)
  2. Grow your peer network (We need each other!)
  3. Tell everyone about your business (and ask them about theirs too!)
  4. Attend events each year. More specifically:
    1. Attend five live peer learning/networking events
    2. Attend five live client-getting events

Be Remembered. Get Referred. 

Individually, each of these tasks or strategies can help grow your business. Implemented together, you become an unstoppable force and the go-to notary in your city. When you keep yourself top of mind, you’ll not only be remembered, you’ll be referred. You'll have more repeat customers that constantly refer more repeat customers to you. 


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