Google "Notary Near Me"

Feb 03, 2023

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(Excerpt from Notary Business Building Challenge Book)

Have you ever Googled yourself?

I'd like you to do it now . . . kind of.

Pull up the most popular search engine in the world right now, Google, and type in "Notary Near Me" (no quotes).

If you really want to get some honest results, do this from the "Incognito" browser feature in Chrome. Doing so allows the browser to “forget” your previous browsing history, cookies, and biases and pull up true organic results. (For a video on how to search with an incognito tab, please visit the Readers Resource Website for this book at

Please note: Do NOT Google your personal name or business name for the sake of this exercise. Your prospects aren't going to search for you by name because they either won't know it yet, or they won't remember it.

As you progress in business, consider your customer's journey and you'll see the potholes and bumps in the road they encounter. Look at your results from this search—the same results your prospects get.

How do they decide who to call? What happens when they call?

This industry is ripe for innovation and those with the courage to be the innovator. What opportunities do you see to help yourself stand out in the sea of sameness?

People don't need a Notary until they need a Notary; that's the nature of our business.

Your job, then, is to make it easy to find you when they need you.

Once you see where you stand in Google rankings, you have your benchmark. Are you in the top three listings? Are you on page one? Page 100?

Don't be ashamed of where you end up! We're here to learn. This knowledge will help you gauge your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts moving forward.

Bill Soroka is the best selling author of the ultimate notary entrepreneur's SUCCESS  BLUEPRINT, The Notary Business Building Challenge: 90 Days to More Clients, More Revenue, and More Confidence. Whether you think there’s nothing more you could possibly know about marketing or client acquisition, OR you know there is more to learn and you’re HUNGRY to take your business to the next level, THIS is the book for you. 

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