Four Things I Do After EVERY Loan Signing Appointment

Jul 22, 2019


Hi everybody! 
This is Bill Soroka, founder of and the Sign & Thrive Notary Training course and community. Today I want to talk about the four things that I do after every single signing appointment.
If you have followed me at all, you know that I'm a huge fan of habits and routines. I think they're everything! I really attribute habits to the level of success I've had as a mobile notary and loan signing agent.  The systemization of this business is really what has led to greater peace of mind and productivity. When I have greater productivity, I have greater revenue production.  Revenue production and peace of mind were two of my top priorities when I really started taking this business seriously.  
One of the systems that I created was having a habit or a ritual, a routine after every single signing appointment. That helped me not only maintain quality control, but it also helped maintain relationships with my clients. It made sure that invoices got there on time, documents were signed correctly, and it helped build sustainability and scalability by staying in touch with signers, thus laying the foundation for a really great relationship.
So here's the four things I do after every single signing appointment.
    1. I triple check the documents.  Keep in mind guys - I don't like to just walk out to my car and sit.  It might be in front of the borrowers or the signers house, but I don't like to sit right there and be that creepy guy who's just sitting out in the car for 10 minutes after a signing. What I'll do is either pull around the corner or maybe I'll swing by a park or coffee shop or something that is nearby, so if I find something, or if there's something in those documents that needs to be corrected, I'm still close enough to swing by and get those fixed really quick.
    2. After I triple check those documents then if necessary - I'm going to upload or securely send the ID information. This might be an image, it might be some other format that the title company or my client requires. Keep in mind that taking an image is not the best way.  For the most secure way - what we want to do is have the borrower or the signer actually make a copy or print those, then they're already included with the paperwork.  But, not all clients can do that. As you know, we're meeting people in a variety of locations and in a variety of situations. A lot of them are moving or they might not have a printer in place.  We have to do what we have to do to get the job done in the most secure way possible. I include that in my top four things. So if it's necessary to get that ID information to my client, I've got that taken care of.
    3. Now the third thing that I do - and its super important - is I generate and send an invoice to my clients so it's sitting there in their inbox even before they get the documents from me, so they never have to BEG me to PAY me! That is one policy that you really want to adopt and incorporate into your business model. I have lost clients because my bookkeeping system was terrible! It was manual and I couldn't get the invoices to them on time.  They get frustrated if they're just waiting all the time and they have to follow up to ask you how to pay. So just get the invoices out right away. One thing that I did back when I still signed with signing companies, I still generated an invoice so there is a record of the signing in my own bookkeeping system. Some signing companies don't require that you send an invoice, some do, some don’t - but even if they did not require it I would generate one for myself so I have the record that I can track when the payment came in.
    4. Then finally the fourth thing, and I think this is probably the most important, is I would send out a thank you card or a 'nice to meet you card' or ‘congratulations on' whatever the situation called for. I would send that out to the signer.  The system that I used is an automated system. It was called "sent out cards”. There's also one called "touch note" that kind of does the same thing. They both have a smart app on your phone that allows you to jump in there and customize it. You can even upload pictures! It then goes to a processing center to send out. It usually takes about seven to ten days, so that would be perfect for the signer to receive it then because the loan hopefully - if everything went correctly - would be closed and they'd be well on their way. If they were getting money back from a refinance or something, they'd have it. Maybe they were starting their construction project or whatever it was.   So the card got there at in the perfect time.
On these cards, I encourage you to be authentic and genuine - not ‘salesy’! I would just write just a real quick verb and 'hey - it was really nice to talk to you - I hope the remodel of the kitchen goes exactly as you planned' or 'I hope the pool looks fantastic and your family enjoys those hot summer days in it’. Sometimes people are taking a trip -  sometimes there's sad situations as well, so you can address those as appropriate. I like to do it right there in the car because the conversation is fresh in my mind, and then they'll get it a week a later.  And no matter what, I always sign my card “Bill" and I'll put in parenthesis “your notary" or just “Bill the notary” - something to remind them of who I was and why I know what I know. 
I don't use this as a sales approach guys - I encourage you not to tie in 'hey if you ever need a notary I'm here for you’. Not yet. You can do that down the road, but right now we're just being authentic. We're expressing gratitude at being able to meet them! We're congratulating them for whatever it is that’s happening! Let that effect authenticity come out. That's what this is all about - this is a relationship based business and anything that you can do to help systemize and train yourself to stay in touch better, and more often, with your client base, this is going to help you succeed in this business!
Thank you very much guys! I hope you have a great week! We'll talk to you later   
- Bill Soroka
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