Email Signatures: Your Super Secret Sales Weapon

Nov 08, 2023

Sell Without Selling

Your email signature is prime real estate in an email and you can leverage it to do some of the heavy lifting in sales or brand edification as a notary public. 

The cool thing is, there is really no right or wrong way to do email signatures. Depending on the expert you listen to or the blog you read, you’ll get different opinions. In my experience as a credentialed professional and notary coach, a few strategies have emerged as either effective or ineffective with email signatures and I’m going to share them with you today. 

12 Suggestions For a Kick-Ass Email Signature

Here are a few tips for creating an email signature that will get attention and help you sell your products and services. You don’t have to use all of these elements in your email signature. Pick and choose what you like and mix and match throughout the year.  

1. Simple is Okay

Simple can actually be better. You don’t need anything fancy. All email services have a free option for adding signatures. If you have the inclination and the budget, there are services that can help you build something “fancier.”

2. Swipe the Ones You Like

If you see an email signature you like in someone else’s email, adopt it and adapt it to you (without violating any trust or rules). People are so creative! I read email signatures (and LinkedIn headlines) that I love ALL the time. Take the pieces you like, make them work for your services or brand, and leave what you don’t like. I give an example at the end of this article and you can use it if you like it. 

3. Don’t Forget the Basics

Include basic contact information like email address (I know, seems redundant-it IS an email signature afterall), phone number, and a calendar link is helpful. Including basics about your service area, like the city or county you serve can also be effective here. 

4. Use Your Face or Brand

Consider using a headshot or your brand’s logo in your email signature. Lots of industries, including real estate and insurance, use this strategy because it works. 

5. Distill Your Services

Find a way to summarize or showcase your services in a cohesive manner. This can be a challenge when working with so many specialties under the notary umbrella, but it’s worth some of your time and creativity to figure it out. This can often be done with a creative title for yourself like:

  • Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent
  • Trust Delivery Agent & Apostille Facilitator
  • Virtual Notary & Apostille Agent

6. Brag on Yourself

Your email signature is one of those safe zones where you can brag about yourself, and use words and phrases that you would probably not use anywhere else for fear that it might seem braggadocious. But here in your email signature, it's just a way of describing yourself. This is a common way to edify yourself without feeling like a braggart. Include some of your accomplishments or certifications. Graphic badges and logos can look great here! 

7. Drive an Action

Include a call to action like: Schedule a call; Book an Appointment; Watch This Video; Read My Blog Here, etc. 

8. Showcase Your Reviews

Include a link to your reviews or spotlight one of your favorite reviews right here in your email signature. This is powerful! People, and especially attorneys who are very concerned with their brand reputation, make hiring decisions based on consumer reviews. 

9. Include a Value Proposition

Include a value statement, or value proposition. This can be in the form of making a promise, or even asking a question that makes your prospects “problem-aware.”  Sometimes people don't even know they have a problem you can solve until you mention it. Keep this short, sweet, and powerful. Here are a few examples for the various specialties you might have:  

  • “Helping legal professionals deliver convenient document services.”
  • “Ask Me About My Fingerprinting Services” 
  • “Fair Fees for Apostilles”
  • “Marrying Everyone Under the Rainbow” (Hi Selecia Young-Jones!)
  • “Delivering peace of mind to the public and estate planning professionals”
  • “Notary Services (Or whatever) Without Leaving Your House”
  • “Get Notarized From Your Sofa”
  • “Helping Attorneys Double Their Impact Since 2017”
  • “Supporting Virtual Law Firms in the Digital Age”
  • “Your Go-To Mobile Notary For: Trust Delivery | Apostille | Fingerprinting | Jailhouse     Appointments |” 

10. Avoid Using Industry Jargon

If possible, avoid acronyms or industry lingo that the general public won’t recognize. For example, nobody outside the notary world knows what an NSA is, or what a CNTDA is, or all the other acronyms that we have in this industry.  

11. Leave Out the Insurance Stuff

There’s no reason to  mention the amount of your errors and omissions insurance (E & O) you carry. E & O insurance only protects you, not the public (your customers), and it can actually put a target on your back for the unscrupulous. 

12. Change It

There are no rules. These are only suggestions to help you leverage “signage” that is often viewed by your ideal clients several times per week. Have some fun. Tinker with it. Revisit and change-up your email signature regularly. I change my email signature all the time, depending on my ideal target client and what I have going on at the time. 

It’s Your Personal Billboard

Remember, you don’t have to include all of these elements, and you really probably shouldn’t include them all (unless you’re an amazing designer that can make it look good). Take the pieces that work for you right now and ditch the rest. You can add or switch out later. 

Think of your email signature space as your own personal billboard. You have the attention of your readers for a few seconds, sometimes for a few minutes. What do you want them to know about you and your company? 

Goodbye for now, and here’s an example. Feel free to take what you like. 


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