Are We Over-Saturated with Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents?

Oct 28, 2019

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Are We Over-Saturated with Mobile Notaries and Loan Signing Agents?

Hey everybody, this is Bill with and the Sign and Thrive Notary Training Course and Community.

It is Monday, October 28th, the end of the month. It's totally - well - a little crazy today. I'm sure you're crazy too. So I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I have about 20 minutes before I leave for my next appointment, but I wanted to make sure that we stay consistent with our Monday messages here and today.

I was thinking that we should talk about the possibility of over-saturation. You know, the three tenants that I find most attractive about this business is that we have a flexible schedule. We get to reclaim our agenda, reclaim our lives, and work with who we want to work with! We get to spend time with who we enjoy spending time with.

We also get an opportunity to earn unlimited income, and it's kind of an old fashioned business, you know. As you work, you get paid, there's no BS. It's kinda nice and traditional that way. And then finally, the fact that this is a legit business. I mean you are sanctioned by the state that you are commissioned in. We serve a role that helps serve and protect the community against mortgage and identity fraud. So this is a great business that attracts a lot of people in there.

I often hear the concern over whether or not there's too many mobile notaries and loan signing agents. They often ask the question: 'Are we over saturated?' And the answer isn't as easy as you might think.

If you look at certain pieces of the data, like the number of loan signing agents in your zip code, you might easily say, 'yeah, I've got 300 other loan signing agents in my zip code. There's too many.' 'So I'm not going to do this.' But that's not the only metrics to consider.

I think the most important metric to consider - and it's almost impossible for us to measure from the outside - is the commitment level of those other loan signing agents that are in that zip code.

We don't know why they work in this business or what they're hoping to accomplish. You know, some of them are happy with one appointment per week and then they don't answer the phone after that. Some won't drive more than 10 miles from their doorstep. Others won't work past 8:00 PM or they won't take signings before 9:00 AM and still even more don't really know what they're doing in this business. They don't. And they don't care to know. They're not growing themselves to be better. They're not taking this business as seriously as you might be.

And what's that mean for us? Well, I think it means that there's always room for people who are willing to go above and beyond. One of my favorite quotes is that "there is no traffic in the extra mile." So is there a fear of oversaturation? I think, well, if you came to play the mediocre game, then yeah, maybe you should be concerned.

For the rest of us though, it's time to agitate the mediocrity! Let's really take our power back and to kick it off. Stop giving your power away. You know this role, we serve - we hold a public office! It has real responsibilities. On top of that, you are the CEO of a business. It's time to own that. Don't let a signing company or a closing agent, a mentor, some web troll - don't let THEM determine the future of your business!

Do what's right! Create sustainability for your business so it lasts beyond a transaction, beyond a boom in the economy. It lasts no matter what's going on and be of maximum service to your clients. In order to do that, there's a few suggestions for you.

Number one, you must absolutely have a daily success routine that includes both personal development to help you grow and become who you need to be or who you want to be in this world.

And the second part, it has to include activities that move the needle on your dreams. If that's your business, then great. If it's whatever your bigger dream is, it has to include that. So no matter what - it gets done every single day.

If you want two resources on that - there's two great books to help you get started. Of course miracle morning with Hal Elrod, which is my first, and the the book that changed my entire life, but also "The 5:00 AM Club" by Robin Sharma. I've been reading that this year. Just picked it back up again and it's really good if you're wondering about the power of the morning routine.

Number two, take your craft seriously! Become THE notary expert in your state! You really want to become a resource for your signers, for your clients and your escrow officer. Clients don't always understand notary rules, guidelines and laws. You can be that resource for them - even though they are Notary Publics themselves a lot of times - they won't necessarily have the rules or know as much as you do about it.

Also, you can be a resource for your fellow notaries as well. They're counting on you. This industry is craving warm, friendly, experts - that will share information and not just keep it so closely held to their chest. If you want a resource on that, start with your state statutes. Your notary guidelines, or the Secretary of State has directives or memos that they put out that kind of clarifies their interpretation of those rules and laws sometimes.

Number three, this is the big one - you probably heard me say this before. There's nearly four and a half million notaries in the country - and it's still hard to find one when you need one! So make it easy to work with you. Have a website, answer your phone, email, and texts in a timely manner.

There are some resources available for that on my website. If you go to the NotaryCoach website, there is the website offer from green monkey marketing - plus we have the free 12 week training course on search engine optimization (SEO). So we really tried to make this easy for you, especially using "Google My Business" and things like that. There's really no excuse not to have this stuff anymore guys. It's hard to learn sometimes, but all the resources are there for you.

The fourth thing, and this is huge: stay in touch with your people! Whether it's your signers, your clients, your prospects, you name it. Stay in touch with everybody. Use a CRM, which is a Customer Relationship Management tool to help you maintain the database and then communicate with those people on a regular basis. Those are all people who have already paid you or are thinking about paying you for your services. So stay in touch and keep yourself top of mind. You can use resources like HubSpot, Constant Contact - or I've got a new CRM tool that's going to be rolling out soon too. So you can try that one as well! Then just schedule a minimum of one monthly email so you either add value to their lives or it just keeps you connected with them, and top of mind!

Guys, if, if you only take one thing from this video, capturing email addresses and staying in touch by adding value to your customers will change your business more than anything else we ever talk about.

The fifth thing I want you to consider is developing the skills that you need to succeed. You know, we're not born knowing everything about everything! All the people you see around you that have reached some level of success or what you might define as success or what they define as success - they didn't just wake up one morning and be successful. It took a lot of hard work and lots of learning.

Whatever it is that you are afraid of: if you're afraid of getting a call for the last will and Testament, or the reverse mortgage training. Or maybe you don't know how to do social media and that terrifies you to be on Facebook - or maybe it's remote online notarization: you just don't understand it and you're scared to death you're going to get a call about that. Maybe you've moved to a new part of the town and you don't know how to navigate the streets yet.

Whatever it might be. That's your hint. That's your starting point, so you're not ruled by that fear anymore. There are courses, books, and podcasts on everything you could ever possibly need to know in order to be a success in this business or any other business for that matter.

Take advantage of it. Build this training, build your learning into your daily success routine. So every day you're advancing a little further and you're not going to be led by fear. You're going to understand how to do this stuff and conquer in your business. Doing these little things and plenty more -If you have some other ideas, I'd love to hear them put them in the comments here, but doing this type of stuff helps you 'agitate that mediocrity' and it helps you stand out.

So the answer to the question on whether or not there's an over-saturation of mobile notaries and loan signing agents is: "There's Always Room for the Best."

Guys - Have a great end of month and I hope to see you next week.

Creator, Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course and Community.

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