Looking Back on the Year: Reflect, Release, or Rejoice

Dec 29, 2020

So here we are, at the end of an absolutely bizarre year. 

It's difficult to label it as anything else but 'bizarre." The definition seems to fit perfectly: "very strange or unusual."

As mobile notaries and loan signing agents, it's been especially strange AND unusual.

Who would have thought a global pandemic and economic crisis would have triggered an epic mortgage boom with two main tributaries- refinances and home purchases?

For many of us, this has led to a record breaking year of production and revenue. For others, it's been the annihilation of their business because of their need to stay at home. 

At the same time, those who have chosen to stay home for their health, may be enjoying other rewards, like deeper connections, finished books (whether written or read), a cleaner home, and more peace of mind.

Walking this line between triumph and defeat is exhausting. There's been a heavy emotional tax to pay for the roller coaster known as 2020, and it's a tax we may be paying for years to come. 

That's why I think it is important to process emotions as they come. This has been a lesson hard learned through the years. Thankfully, my life and business coach, Linda Frazee, helped guide me to accepting this (after many years of stubborn aversion). 

She says about emotions- "Feel 'em now as they are, or feel 'em later as however they decide to show up." This has proved true on many occasions for me.

So, now I actively work to sit with what is, and process, reflect, and release or rejoice - depending on the situation. 

The Three R's: Reflect | Release | Rejoice

I haven't yet found the "perfect" end of year review system. Hope that doesn't disappoint. 

I am a seeker though, and through the years, I've adapted some of the greats to my own style, and I am happy to share this with you. 

For me, it's important to do these three R's BEFORE I actually plan my next year. Otherwise, I've found I end up dragging last year's baggage along with me, I forget the cool things I've done, and it creates a "murkiness" to the coming year.

The Three R's are simple:


I Ask myself some deeper questions, and actually handwrite the answers. 

Then, I make a decision.

What serves me and my vision most:


Is it time to let this go? Did I take something too personal, and am I feeling victimized or hurt? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, am I too prideful, and have I let the ego get in the way?


I often forget to celebrate my own wins, both big and small. So this review is a gentle reminder, AND a permission slip to do so. 

The whole process is relatively simple. It just takes some time and deep thought. 

I recommend using a journal, or just a piece of paper to write down the following questions AND then their answers. You can type it up later of you want, but don't skip the awesome power of actually handwriting deeper thoughts like this. 

There's no rush to answer these. In fact, for me, I let these percolate for a few days, even a week, before I actually write out the answer. 

Sometimes, you have to peel back a few layers of crust and ego before you get to the real answers anyway. 

A Few Questions...

  1. What was you most important accomplishment?  Why was it important?
  2. What was the biggest lesson learned? How will it impact future decisions?
  3. What was the most significant human connection you made this year? What made it so special?
  4. What limiting thought, burden, or complaint am I ready to let go of?
  5. What was the hardest thing you faced this year? How has facing it served you so far, or how will it serve you in the future?

Bonus Question: What was your favorite book/class/course/workshop/seminar you experienced this year? What was your biggest key takeaway that you WILL implement or continue to implement?

Once you've answered the questions, sit with them. Review, and "own" them, without shaming yourself. 

Damn that inner critic. We ain't got time for that!

The purpose of your answers is to help propel yourself toward your dream, not to repel the dream away from you. 

Then, make a decision. Is it time to totally release the experience? Or is it time to rejoice and celebrate? 

Both? That's okay too.

In my next blog, I'll talk about planning the next year and what that looks like for me. 



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