Five Ways to Get Your Phone Ringing for General (Specialty) Notary Work

Jun 02, 2021

I recently had the chance to interview the Notary's Notary, Laura Biewer, on my podcast, The SideHustle Lounge

One of the reasons I love to chat with Laura is that I inevitably walk away learning something new. Sometimes I learn notary stuff (obvi), and sometimes I learn about life, her perspective, and even how I show up to our relationship. I love that, and I consider Laura to be among my growth friends. 

In our podcast conversation, we not only address the Top Four Ways to Monetize Your Notary Commission in general, but we get to deep dive into five steps that will get your phone ringin' and dingin' for General Notary Work, or as Laura so rightly calls, Specialty Notary Work (Because there's nothing general about it!). 

Laura's first suggestion is to build relationships with referral sources, like attorneys or assisted living facilities. The fastest way to do that is to offer something of interest, or value to them, like a training or special service or informational piece. 

Second, know that most consumers now hunt online for the products and services they need. Most likely your potential customers are Googling, "Notary Near Me." If you want a business that will thrive and last, you must have a strong digital presence. That means having a website, LinkedIn profile, consistent messaging, and solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Third, strategically optimize the use of online directories and platforms. Many of these are free, and some have advertising, reputation, or SEO that justifies paying for a premium listing. Stay consistent with your language, and especially with your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number-Yes, this matters in SEO!).

Fourth, some of the more traditonal advertising methods, like the Yellow Pages, neighborhood newspapers, and car magnets, still work very well in the Notary world. It doesn't always have to be high tech!

Finally, the fifth way to get your phone ringin' and dingin for notary work, is to be the expert. The barrier to entry to become a Notary Public is quite low, and detailed training for state-specific rules, laws, and scenarios is hard to come by. This stops 80% of notaries from going the extra mile to gaining the knowledge and skills that differentiate them as an expert. 

To become the expert, seek out the training, experiences, challenges, and mentors that will expand your wheelhouse and expertise. 

If you'd like to listen to the full episode, you can do so below, or you can download episode number one of The SideHustle Lounge Podcast anywhere podcasts can be heard. 





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