My 2020 Primary Goal Buckets

Dec 29, 2019

I gave up on New Year's Resolutions long ago. These often just felt like pipe dreams for me, and those around me. It didn't take me long to realize that writing down a goal, or a dream (especially a materialistic one), and then tucking it into a drawer to be forgotten was not an effective method of creation.

Instead, I use a pretty complex system of vision statements, goal buckets, intentions, journals, calendars, and technology to keep my goals in the forefront of my mind every single day of the year. This has led to some extraordinary results. Sure, I've hit some epic goals, but more importantly, living life with intention and growth has helped me become someone I enjoy being around. And this has contributed to the constant, continuous, enjoyment of my primary aim in life, peace of mind.  

What does peace of mind look like to me?

I think "peace of mind" conjures images of monastic passivity, where we checkout of a world full of worries and responsibilities and live as a hermit in the mountains somewhere. 

Not that that lifestyle has never occured to me, but it is not what ultimately brings me true peace of mind. To me, peace of mind is knowing that I have some control over the direction of my life. That I take 100% responsibility for my life, thoughts, actions, behaviors, rewards and consequences. 

Peace of mind is knowing that the work I do matters, and that I can be of service making a difference for others. There is incredible peace of mind in treating all people kind and fairly.

There is peace of mind knowing that even after I am gone, the love, thought, time, and creativity I've put forth will still be here as a legacy to what I stood for. 

All my other goals and intentions aim to serve that one primary aim. Peace. Of. Mind. My entire vision statement for my life revolves around all of these things that make up peace of mind. And, I recite my vision statement daily so it is never far from my heart and mind. This makes creating the goal buckets a lot easier because I am constantly connected to the journey.

The "Goal Buckets" for 2020

Remembering that the point of a goal or intention is not it's attainment, but becoming who you must become in order to attain it, I've adopted five goal "buckets" I use to keep me on track. These are the buckets that "hold" the other goals and intentions. Depending on what I have going on each year, these buckets can rotate too. You make the rules. 

Whatever system you decide to adopt, remember to adapt. Priorities change. Situations change. Knowledge and wisdom changes. If you're going to be rigid about anything, be rigid, or disciplined, in your daily habits. That is how you implement this stuff. 

Bucket #1: Optimized Health, Fitness, and Energy

Goal: Be in the best shape of my life- happy, healthy & fit

Bucket #2: Spirituality & Legacy

Goal: Connect to deeper calling

Bucket #3: Financial Independence

Goal: Be of greater value and double my income & giving

Bucket #4: Mental Growth

Goal: Read 53 personal development and business books (and three fiction books)

Bucket #5: Social, Love, Family, and Relationships

Goal: Deepen relationships through unique experiences that I organize or initiate

Now that I know what I want to focus on in 2020 with my goal buckets, I can fill in the mini goals that will have to take place in order to make these goal buckets happen. 

If I attempted to fill in each one here in this one blog post, you'd be here all day trying to read this. I won't do that to you. Instead, I'll break them down individually and send them out periodically over the next thirty days or so. 

I'd love to know your goals, and your systems for keeping yourself on track too!  Please post them in the Facebook comments section below.  

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