Working Part Time as a Mobile Notary and Loan Signing Agent

May 07, 2018

 Flexible Schedule

One of the best things about this business is the flexible schedule. You can work around your kid's sporting events, your day job, or your passion hobby of ice bowling. You get to decide which jobs to take, or not take. That said, there are soem considerations you should be aware of.

As a loan signing agent, many mortgage loan closings occur during regular business hours, 8-5 Monday through Friday. There are still plenty that occur in the evenings and weekends, but knowing this can help you structure your business model. There are essentially three main business models to choose from.

Business Models

One, you can just be an independent contractor working for existing signing companies.  These are nice because you don't have to find the business, you just show up and do a job. The downside is the signing company takes a substantial share of the signing fee.

Two, you can hustle for business directly from Escrow Officers/Closing Agents.  This cuts out the middle man, and you get the full signing fee. You also do all the work and build all the relationships.

Third, you do a hybrid of the two above. Work for a few signing companies you enjoy working with, and then, when you're ready, branch out to escrow officers/closing agents. This is the one I use. 

On top of your loan signing service, you can still do the general notary work, and any other add-on services you have under your umbrella.


Escrow Officers don't like to hear "no" that often. The idea is to help make their lives easier. So, if you can't perform regular loan signings during standard business hours, you really have two options; Either stick to signing companies until you do have a flexible schedule, or build a team that can handle the signings that you cannot take. When you do this, you are essentially becoming a signing company and creating passive income for yourself. 

When you are working with signing companies, you have a lot more flexibility too. Many signing companies have pools of notaries they work with, so if you are not available for some reason, they just roll to the next one. Still, I wouldn't recommend doing this too often, as it may end up costing you clients at some point. Whn you're in hustle mode, say YES to the signing!

Wit your general notary work, these calls could come in any time, night or day. So, you can direct the client to a time that works for both of you, and if it doesn't work out, they will move on to a different notary. If you really want to establish yourself as a resource, have a name and phone number to a reliable notary you like to work with handy for this customer.

EVERYTHING about this business is based on the relationships you have. When those relationships are strong, your business is strong, and you can make anything happen. Clients that love you will bend over backwards, including scheduling around YOU,  when you are committed to a win/win with them. 

Show up authentically,be yourself, have integrity, be competent, be confident, and THRIVE. 





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