108 Ways to Make More Money as a Notary Public

Dec 17, 2023


“How can I make more money as a notary public?”

It’s one of the most common questions I hear, especially now that the loan signing boom has ended (for now).  

The answer to the question comes in many forms. The standard way of answering is, “it depends on what your state allows for notarial fees and travel.”  

Or, we might talk about how important it is to ride the wave of the next big boom for mobile notaries as a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent 

Both are true.  

But, there’s far more to this notary-entrepreneur thing.  

This business isn’t just about knowing how to sign, date, and stamp a piece of paper.  

It’s about people and how you treat them. It’s about the efforts you take to make sure your clients are in competent hands, genuinely cared for, and how well you provide a smooth and efficient transaction.  

You must always remember that you and your clients are human beings simply having a notarial experience. 

As I reflect back on my own mobile notary business, I thought of just over 100 strategies, insights, mindsets, quircks, and habits, that made all the difference. 


108 Ways to Make More Money As a Notary Public:


📳Answer the phone professionally.


📵Have a system in place for when you can’t answer the phone.


❓Ask more questions on the initial call.


🫡Find a way to yes. 


💯Spend more time building rapport.


💁Learn how to overcome objections.


🤑Ask for the sale. 


🕓Show up to appointments on time.


🤳Communicate if you won’t be on time. 


🥶 ️ Warm-up all communication.


😘Be friendly. 


😁Be courteous.


❗Use exclamation points more often.


🏘️ Learn to be a good notary public, first and foremost. Build on a solid foundation. 


🦄 Know every notarial act allowed in your state.


🏆 Be an expert at your own state’s notarial certificate requirements.


📔Keep a journal of notarial acts, even if your state doesn’t require you to do so. 


👗Dress professionally (Err up, not down).


🪪 Present or leave behind a business card at every appointment. 


🧑‍🤝‍🧑Think people over paper. 


👀Make more eye contact. 


🤗Take gentle control of each appointment (Thank you, Carol Ray!)


💬Start every appointment with a standard monologue that builds rapport and sets expectations.


🎓Move from generalist to specialist. 


🧑‍🎓Invest in education and credentials that help you stand out from competition.


🤙Be interested in people. 


🚠Be interesting to people. 


😻Authentically share a piece of yourself in each appointment. 


🩷Remember that customers hire, work with, and refer to the professionals they know, like, and trust.


👂Listen better (and more). 


😭Be aware of your emotional wake. 


⛔Don’t complain. 


💯Take responsibility for outcomes and results.


🚌Don’t throw people under the bus. 


😮‍💨Don’t participate in gossip. 


🤣Use appropriate humor. Clients who laugh with you, stay with you. 


💯Quadruple check your work. 


🙏Thank your customers.


☎️ Ask permission to stay in touch.


📧 Collect email addresses of all your signers and start a database (use a CRM). 


✍️Send handwritten notes.


🟰Stay current with your bookkeeping.


🧑‍💻Send timely invoices. 


💱Make it easy to pay you. 


💳 Have multiple ways to pay you. 


🏗️ Don’t save your money for rainy days, save to invest. 


🤙Over-communicate with your hiring parties.


🧑‍💻Ask for customer reviews.


📱Get strategic with your review requests.


😉Make it easy to give you great reviews. 


🔁 Reply to all reviews. 


💻Have at least one social media account where you can share your business and your journey through it. 


🆎Post consistently to your social media profile. 


⛔But don’t make every post a promotion of your services.


🪇Thoughtfully engage on social media.


✍️Start a blog


🤓Become a master at ChatGPT prompt-engineering. 


📩 Send an occasional email to your database. 


🧑‍💻Use automation tools to help you stay in touch. 


💬Check-in on people in your network.


🎴Send more cards.


👷Talk to at least one prospect every day. Talking to ten is better.  


📖Write and publish a book, e-book, report, or guide.


5️⃣Attend five peer networking and educational events every year. 


✋Attend five client-getting events every year.


🕴️Host or sponsor events or groups filled with your ideal clients. 


👀Seek new skills to make you a better notary and a better business person. 


📘Read more business and personal development books. 


🙈Learn as much as you can about human nature and why you do the things you do. 


🧠Study mindset and habits. 


🌄Wake up one hour earlier than normal. 


📈Get your heart rate up in the morning.


🚫Take an occasional break from the news/media. 


📺Read, watch, or listen to something inspirational in the morning. 


⛔Stop prioritizing chores over your dreams. 


💸Spend more time on revenue-generating activities.


⚜️Make a referral list. 


🤝Go over the top in your professional introductions & referrals. 


👀Seek ways to be a resource to your network. 


🏦Realize that your relationship capital will make you wealthier than your notarial fees.


🧑‍💻Invest in your peer relationships. 


🫂Forgive yourself and others quickly.


🗣️Join a Toastmasters meeting. 


📐Build an advisory board for your own business. Start with the “Triangle of Trust.”


🖥️Create a Google Business Profile. Then optimize it. 


👁️‍🗨️Be on as many notary directories as possible. There is no such thing as too many. 


🐕 Optimize and personalize your directory listings. 


💻Create a professional website (or hire someone). 


💰Become a pro at Google ads. 


✍️Study the art of persuasive writing (copywriting). 


💲Learn sales techniques. We’re all in sales. 


🗓️Make it easy to book your services. 


🙏 Ask for referrals.


🫶 Ask, “How can I support you,” more often. 


❣️Have an answer when someone asks you the question, “How can I support you?” And then, make it easy for them to do so. 


🗣️Tell everyone about your business. Then tell them again. 


🧑‍🤝‍🧑Trust that you already know someone that is your dream client, or someone that can introduce you to your dream client. 


🎭Find a hobby that ignites your creativity.


🔥Fire toxic clients faster. 


💱Diversify your service offerings. 


🤑Optimize your customers.


💲Understand your “product” and know how you make money. 


🧑‍💼Be your best employee. 


🖇️Build a LinkedIn profile you can be proud of. 


🤝Use LinkedIn to connect to your ideal clients.


🧑‍💼Know who your ideal client is (and isn’t). 


🛌Start with a “why” so powerful it will compel you out of bed on the hard days. There will be hard days.


📊Do the math on your goals and prioritize your daily activity to match the math.


Bill Soroka is on a mission to help mobile notaries serve more clients, make more money, and build a business that thrives beyond loan signings, self-reliant & untethered to the housing industry. You can join him with the most committed notaries on earth in the Notary Business Builder learning community. 

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