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Building Skills on a Budget with a Daily Guru

I’m still shocked by how much I don’t know. 

More shocking still, is how much I don’t know about how much I don’t know. 

There’s always something new to learn. Especially, it seems, as a small business owner. 

It feels impossible to know everything you need to know about running an enterprise. And, without a budget to hire someone else, it’s on us to figure it out. 

Everything is Figureoutable (Marie Forleo)

When I have something I need to figure out, I have a process:

  • First, I buy a book or six on the subject. 
  • Second, I buy a course or six on the subject (sometimes, I actually take the courses). 
  • Third, if I need more, I hire a coach/teacher/mentor on the subject. 

But I didn’t always have a budget that supported that process. 

As I was pulling my head out of my rear-end, learning habits, routines, mindset, and practical business applications, I had zero fundage for luxuries like education. I...

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