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Four Spheres For Innovation in Your Notary Business

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Innovation is about changing things, making them better. 

Our ancient industry, as notaries public, is ripe for innovation. Look around and you can see observant and courageous notaries sowing this harvest, as well as visionaries from beyond the notary commission, like tech entrepreneurs and more. 

Look at Nick Colvill, a mobile notary and loan signing agent that changed the way electronic journaling could be done AND found a way to capture the digital thumbprint when required. 

Look at Clyde Heppner who completely redesigned the paper journaling experience to not only be compliant, but be more efficient for loan signing agents. 

Look at Amy Seitz who combined her many years as a notary public with her outstanding technology skills and built the most notary-friendly Remote Online Notarization platform to date. 

And look at EscrowTab, a company that has completely revolutionized In-person Electronic Notarization...

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