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Riff with Griff on Notary Compliance


You may know him from YouTube as, Griffin Notary, or Griff. He's my guest this week on the Sign & Thrive Audiobook Podcast. Our topic is Notary Compliance-both legally, and with compliance with our hiring companies. Griff shares his perspective and approach to integrity and cultivating relationships that are built on trust and fidelity.

Guest Information:

Owner of Griffin Notary Services since 2018. Started being a notary to help out the general public by providing an affordable option to get notarial services for those that do not have an account with a traditional bank. Moved into providing loan closing services once I understood the growth of the housing market in my area. Married with two sons, oldest son joined in the business in 2021. Teach notaries via my YouTube channel about being in compliant with state law and building proper relationships with those that need our services.

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Episode Highlights:

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