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The Apostille Matchmaker


18 months ago, no one knew what an apostille was. Today, the Notary world is on fire with the Apostille Agent opportunity and my guest today, Judi Lawrence, is a central force in making it mainstream. Learn what it means to be an Apostille Agent, the importance of doing this work correctly, and what Judi is doing to match her graduates & crew with opportunities across the country.

Guest Information:

Judi Lawrence, dubbed the Queen of Apostilles, owns and manages the Lawrence Institute for Notaries where she teaches her famed certification course, The World of Apostille. She also has a physical office location for her Notary services in central Philadelphia.

Learn more about the World of Apostille certification course on the LIN website below.

World of Apostille Masterclass

and get the book she co-wrote with Matt Miller, the Apostille Agent's Survival Guide at the link below. 

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