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Your Health Matters: Micro Changes for Macro Success


Have you ever felt too embarrassed about the way you look or feel about yourself to even walk into an escrow office or networking meeting? Or do you just run out of energy halfway through the day and give up on all the things you know you "should" be doing today? Is the stress associated with major changes in your business getting you bogged down? Jane gets it. Jane Wenning has been helping people improve their mental and physical well-being for over 20 years. As an entrepreneur herself, she understands how difficult it can be for mobile workers to stay active and eat in a way that energizes us. From her own experience, she adapted the Four Pillars of Health and she shares her journey from body shame to acceptance and abundance in today's episode.

Guest Information:

“When you love who you are, you become healthy, strong and unstoppable. This is true transformation – body, mind and spirit. This is the gift I want to share.”

Jane Wenning is a certified...

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