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The Top 3 Blindspots For Professional Notaries

If there's one thing I've learned in life and business, it's that you can't avoid the problems and challenges. You have to face them head-on. 

As we approach 2024, I see a few problematic areas for our industry. We can't ignore them, even if we wanted to. 

At best, we adopt and adapt. 

At worst, well, maybe it's back to the call center we go. 

Three Blindspots for Notaries

  1. Relying on a single source of revenue. We can't keep pretending that loan signings will come back, looking the same, and with the same volume we had during the pandemic.
  2. Giving up your voice. Not participating in legislative movements and government affairs.
  3. Ignoring tech trends. We must keep tabs on emerging technology and not only how it impacts our role as the notary, but how it may impact our clients. 

Rather than stick your head in the sand, shine a light into these three blindspots. I know it's overhwelming, especially if you're just starting out. But it's better you have one eye...

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The Dawning Age of Paperless Notaries

This blog article features a call to action for those avante-garde notaries that already know they want to be ahead of the curve with evolving technology. If you want to skip the article and register for the EscrowTab network, and get access to their free IPEN software on your own device, you can do so here

You can listen to this blog on YouTube here

The mortgage industry consumes about 2.2 billion pieces of paper every year (50-60 million of which are estimated to be notarized), which, depending on their size, will require a minimum of 117,000-200,000 trees to supply. 

According to some industry estimates, there are about 950 million other non-mortgage related documents notarized every year, and many of those use more than a single page. 

So as notaries public, somewhere around 4-5 billion sheets of paper pass through our hands every single year. 

That’s unsustainable for a few reasons:

  • Paper is expensive to lenders, closing agents, the legal...
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